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10th October 2000 The latest news about Seahenge, and an extract from Matthew Champion's new book describing new discoveries on Holme beach where the timber circle was found. Visit the new Stone Circle Shop with lots of items available nowhere else, including a preview of Tom Bullock's fantastic new CD-ROM, Stone Circles - A Photographic Tour.

8th August 2000 The first part of our massive new Ireland section is ready, thanks to the contributions of Anthony Weir, Celia Haddon and many others.

Athgreany (Piper's Stones), Boleycarrigeen, Castleruddery, Ballynoe, Tamnaharry, Bohonagh, Cullomane E, Drombeg, Kealkil, Lettergorman, Maunatanvally, Reanascreena, Templebryan, Newgrange, Ravensdale Park, Grange, Drumskinny.

More photos from Celia Haddon covering Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire in great detail. The Goose Stones, Hawk Stone, The King Stone, Lyneham, Old Vicarage, Thor Stone, Hangman's Stone, Hetty Pegler`s Tump, The Long Stone, Nympsfield, Soldier's Grave, The Toots.

Also Bleaberry Haws, Casterton, and Swinside from the North of England, Machrie Moor 2, Machrie Moor 5 from Arran, and Cairnholy I, in Dumfries and Galloway

8th July 2000 Three more pages of thumbnails.

3rd July 2000 ASLaN Conference discussion, Stonehenge solstice audio diary. How to link to us.

9th June 2000 All Sites under Threat pages now have a visitor comments area. Let me know what you think, or help me keep the pages up to date. Snazzy 'favourites' icon for IE5 users.

20th April 2000 You now have permission to use my images on your non-commercial web site without needing to ask. See below for details.

You are free to use up to 20 images not credited to another photographer on your web site provided that:
1 - your web site is non-commercial
2 - you put a link to near every image used and
3 - you credit Andy Burnham near every image

For images credited to other photographers please contact me for their e-mail address.
Using material in any other way without the author's written permission is forbidden.

25th March 2000 Dartmoor Quarrying and Nine Ladies updates, Megalithic Discussion Board

5th March 2000 New sunset photo at the Ring of Brodgar.

19th February 2000 Paul Devereux speaking live at the Rollright Stones, February 5th 2000 (RealAudio with text transcription). The Finlaggan Loch standing stone, Islay, that was investigated by Time Team back in 1994. Tarbert Standing Stone, Jura. Grey Hill Stone Circle, Gwent. More photos of Boscawen-Un, Cornwall. More book reviews.

27th December 1999 Wales and Channel Islands page navigation improved. New sites: Tyfos, The Devil's Quoits, The Long Stone and the Clyth Stone. Lots more photos of Stanton Drew and The Cove. Sign my Guest Book, View my Guest Book

30th November 1999 Stoney Littleton update, Nine Ladies update.

17th November 1999 Inverview with photographer Max Milligan, about Circles of Stone book (RealAudio). Also book review.

2nd November 1999 Mayburgh Millennium Monstrosity Update

30th October 1999 Terence Meaden's Audio Tour of Avebury Part 1 (7'46") Part 2 (3'58"). More book reviews added.

1st October 1999 More book reviews added.

21st September 1999 Have your say! MEGALITHIC Discussion Board

1st September 1999 New domain, including Stonehenge by Night and Ancient Sites in Danger:
Stop the Dartmoor Superquarry, and Millennium Monstrosity planned for Mayburgh Henge.

22nd July 1999 'Previous' and 'Next' Navigation buttons added to all main Megalithic pages.

10th July 1999 Book of the Month review: Terence Meaden's 'Secrets of the Avebury Stones'

23rd June 1999 Seahenge page and cartoon added

11th June 1999 Big update to England section. A variety of sites from Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Surrey and Hampshire: Abinger Manor Mesolithic Pit Dwelling, Danebury Hillfort, Frensham Common Round Barrows, Kenidjack Common, King Arthur`s Hall, Nine Maidens, Notgrove, Trethevy Quoit

5th June 1999 Style tweaking, link fixing and sections on damage to ancient sites added, including the Charter of Responsible Megalithic Webmasters

20th May 1999 Major update to Scotland section - with 31 sites from Lewis, Harris, N Uist, the Kilmartin Valley, Kintyre,  the Isle of Bute etc. I have the photos but can you help me write the text for all these pages!

8th May 1999 Latest news on 'Seahenge', the site discovered off the Norfolk coast.

24th April 1999 Updated version of The Megalith Map released, with even more web links to Stone Circles and Standing Stones in the UK. New URL address too so update your bookmarks.

12th April 1999 New new sites in North Uist Pobull Fhinn and Barpa Langais and two in Wales Llanbedr and Meini Hirion.

8th April 1999 New section: Megaliths in Guernsey, with 20 new pages.

7th March 1999 Added aerial views to Grey Wethers, Nine Ladies . Dozens of new books added to Recommended Books

22nd February 1999 Added some contributions from readers that have been waiting far too long: Tom Bullock's Stonehenge Quicktime VR. Rich Warren's amazing photo from summer solstice 1996 at Castlerigg.

4th February 1999 Fully updated 'The Prehistoric Web Index'. This now lists thousands of ancient sites in Great Britain, Ireland and beyond. Links to over 2000 other pages on the WWW. The first part of the new World-Wide-Web Virtual Library site WWW-VL Prehistory, which is under construction. *** Let me know your favourite prehistoric web links for inclusion ***

16th January 1999 Lots of new images added to pages on The Hurlers, Stannon. the Trippet Stones and Merrivale Stone Rows in Corwnwall and Devon. Tidied up front page, and split map-based contents onto separate page. I hope this is quicker to load and less cluttered!

6th October 1998: Multimedia extravaganza :-) Eight pages of thumbnail images, and a page linking to all the sounds.

3rd October 1998: Second, much updated incarnation of the 'awesome' Megalith Map, thanks to the hard work of Alastair McIvor. Now includes details of all known stone circles and stone rows in the British Isles, including web links to more information, where available. Help us in our quest to photograph every ancient site in Britain!

19th September 1998: Stonehenge by night series of photographs added

23rd August 1998: Megaliths in Wales added, featuring St Lythans, Harold's Stones, Carreg Samson, Bryn Cader Faner

27th July 1998: Transcript added to Rollright Stones audio tour, thanks to Martin McCarthy.

9th July 1998: More Cumbria locations: Moor Divock, Kemp Howe, Potrigg, Cop Stone, Thunder Stone, Goggleby Stone

27th June 1998: Aerial views added to Castlerigg, Swinside and Nine Ladies, Derbyshire

4th June 1998: Aerial views of the Rollright Stones, and an Audio Tour (RealAudio), with Oxford archaeologist George Lambrick. Also new photos taken at the Spring meeting of the Stones Mailing List.

20th May 1998: Recommended by srfsig.gif (2148 bytes) Surfalot's Picks (Microsoft Home Page)

3rd May 1998: Long-awaited additions to The British Landscape, now with thumbnail images.

28th April 1998: The Megalith Map awarded Web Site Excellence - Anthropology: "Selected by the International Review Committee as one of the most exemplary presentations. It should be of significant service not only to those with similar research interests but anyone even casually interested."

8th April 1998: New sister site in association with Alastair McIvor, The Megalith Map

25th March 1998: Online ordering of megalithic and archaeological books in association with

13th February 1998: Added Arbor Low aerial photos.

1st February 1998: Major update adding photo and text contributions from Tom Bullock: Stones of Cornwall (26 pages), Stones of Devon (26 pages), plus Nine Stone Close, Swinside and Stonehenge.

31st January 1998: M.M. home page re-styled with a clickable map of the UK and snazzier graphics.

1st January 1998: New logos designed, including an animated main logo. Updated links pages.

6th December 1997: Added Callanish II, Balnuaran of Clava, corrected Callanish I and III

14th November 1997: Added news of the recent discoveries at Stanton Drew, including an animated fly-by of the site.

1st November 1997: Active map links added to all England pages. New or updated pages: Avebury Henge, The Avenue, Silbury Hill, West Kennett, Stanton Drew - Main Site, Stanton Drew - The Cove, Winterbourne Stoke, The Sweet Track, Kingston Russell - all with aerial photographs. Summer '97 Moot pictures from Avebury.  

26th October 1997: Major update of all Prehistoric Web Index pages. Now indexing 36 web sites with hundreds more links and more countries such as the Netherlands. New index database, sorted alphabetically. Not on this site but very relevant - Chris 'Squonk' Tweed starts the Stones Mailing List for megalithic discussion.

28th September 1997: Some minor style tweaks, (visited link colour more appropriate). Lots of work going on behind the scenes - many more photos, thumnail selection and a major Index update with more countries. Watch this space!

19th August 1997: New index sorted by web site. This will be useful for web site owners to check their site entries are correct. The original index is now called a Geographical Index. Both now have Contents sections at the beginning to make them easier to use.

11th August 1997: Created The Stone Circle Webring and home pages. Please join if you have a web site of interest. Added more links to the miscellaneous section.

31st July 1997: Uploaded new improved version of the Megalithic Web Index. Added plea for help to purchase the Rollright Stones.

28th July 1997: Updated Moot section with my report, and added a short description of current "Ley Line" thinking entitled "what's all this rubbish about leys".

21st July 1997: Added new "favourite links" page

15th June 1997: Added Stones of Derbyshire & Little Meg, thanks Alastair.

1st June 1997: Added proper pages for several Orkney sites.

23rd April 1997: Added Stones of Dorset

9th April 1997: Site moves to Easynet

7th April 1997: Added Prehistoric Web Index introduction and pre-release demo version. Added Dwarfie Stane, Hill O' Many Stanes, four new pictures of Ring of Brodgar to Scotland.

15th March 1997: Added Ley Hunter Moot '97 pages

December 1996: Second batch of stones added

October 1996: Site created

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