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Stones Mailing List members were very pleased to have renowned author and researcher Paul Devereux give us a talk on February 5th 2000 at the Rollright Stones.

Here's Paul's talk:
Part 1 The Dragon Project 12mins

Part 2 Misunderstood Sites and the Ancient Mind 4mins
including details of the Encyclopedia of Earth Mysteries, below

Paul Devereux, Re-Visioning The Earth

Paul Devereux, Re-Visioning The Earth

Paperback, 308 pages, 1996
"Heal the Earth" is a common call today. Devereaux points out that it is humans who have to be healed, because it is humans who are doing the damage to the Earth. He advocates that we get in touch with the power and energy of nature to balance ourselves and be in tune with our natural environment.

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Earth Mysteries - Paul Devereux

Earth Mysteries - Paul Devereux

Paperback - 151 pages, 11 November, 1999, Piatkus Books

A concise, self contained read, bringing the whole subject area up to date. Of special value to newcomers to the earth mysteries field, but even some old hands will find points of interest in it. The Guide also contains practical exercises in such things as experiencing the spirit of place. (Review from The Ley Hunter)

Only 2.99+p&p  (RRP 5.99 - a discount of 50% )


A major new work to kick off the new millennium. Sumptuously produced, fabulously and richly illustrated, this is the truly up-to- date, cross-referenced work the subject area has needed for a long time. With around 130 entries, some of them major essays in their own right, and 109,000 words, this is the most informed and authoritative book on the subject you can get. It sifts the wheat from the chaff. Topics include: Acoustics, Anasazi, Archaeoastronomy, Archaeology, Ark of the Covenant, Arthur, Astronauts (Ancient), Atlantis, Aztecs, Ballochroy, Bicameral Mind, Blue Stones, Bog Bodies, Borobodur, Bronze Age, Cahokia, Carnac, Casa Grande, Celts, Chaco Canyon, Chartres, Chavin de Huantar, Cognitive Archaeology, Corpse Lights, Correspondences, Cosmic Axis, Crop Circles, Cursus, Cuzco, Death Roads, Delphi, Divination, Dowsing, Dragon, Dragon Project, Dreamtime, Druids, Earth Lights, Easter Island, Effigy Mounds, Eleusis, Energies, Entoptic Patterns, Externsteine, Fairies, Feng Shui, Fly Agaric, Flying saucer, Folklore, Four Directions, Gaia Theory, Gavrinis, Geomancy, Geometry, Goddess, Grail, Hallucinogens, Hill Figures, Henge, Hollow Earth, Hopewell Indians, Hopi, Hovenweep, Ice Man, Iron Age, Jerusalem, Keyhole Tombs, Kivas, Labyrinths, Leys/Leylines, Liminality , Loughcrew, Malta, Maya, Maypole, Mecca, Mu, Mithras, Mythic Geography, Nazca Lines, Neolithic, Newgrange, Ogham, Olmec, Omphalos, Oracles, Paganism, Palaeolithic, Pilgrimage, Planetary Grids, Psychic Archaeology, Pyramids, Quetzalcoatl, Rock Art, Sacred Place, St. Michael Line, Seidhr, Shaman, Shamanic Landscapes, Sibyls, Simulacra, Sitting Out, Songlines, Sphinx, Spirit Traps, Spirit Ways, Stonehenge, Sweeping, Systems Theory, Teotihuacan, Terrestrial Zodiacs, Theosophy, Tiahuanaco, Trance, UFOs, Vampires, Varanasi, Vision Quest, Werewolf, World Navel, Wupatki, Wyrd, Xochipilli, Yew, Yggdrasil, Ziggurat, Zuni.

Large format hardback, 192 pages ( 9 March, 2000) Ward Lock
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Places of Power Cover PicturePlaces of Power - Paul Devereux
A new edition of the only book in the English language, focusing solely on the question of anomalous energies at ancient sacred sites. Not empty New Age speculation and beliefs, but solidly research based, with a gazetteer of British sites where energy effects such as unusual magnetism can be measured. In addition, the subject is given a full context in folklore and modern anecdote, with implications and patterns teased out of the data. The only place where you will find a record of the physical monitoring work of the Dragon Project - the research effort created to look specifically at the question of energy effects at ancient monuments. Extensively illustrated with line drawings and b&w
Paperback - 224 pages (March 1999)
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