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A Modern Builder's Guide to the Megalithic Revival

Stone Circles, A Modern Builder's Guide to the Megalithic Revival - Rob Roy

Paperback, 370pp. Chelsea Green, 1999.

This is the best book available for would-be stone circle builders.

Rob Roy has travelled extensively to learn how stone circles are constructed, he presents hard-to-find information on how to move and align giant stones for your own sacred circles, and introduces us to the present day characters who have built their own.

Only £18.99+p&p

Meini Hirion and the Sarns of Anglesey

Meini Hirion and the Sarns of Anglesey - William Evans

Small format Paperback, 50 pages, W. O. Jones, reprint of book from 1927

Anglesey has far more than its fair share of standing stones, in keeping with the large quantity of archaeological sites on the island. Most of these are large solitary stones, mainly of Bronze origin although are some that were erected recently.

Since very early times man has puzzled over the reasons for their existence, and many theories have been put forward. generally these have been that they were great places of importance to the people of the time, possibly of "religious" significance. Dr. William Evans noticed that there was a pattern to their layout on Anglesey. Certainly in the area roughly south of Cemaes there are standing stones marked on the Ordnance Survey maps which are aligned vaguely in the way described in this book.

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The sceptical amongst us will point out that the geological formation and later the glaciers that covered Anglesey had resulted in all the lumps and bumps on the landscape becoming aligned roughly in a NNE to SSW direction. This glacial platform that we call Anglesey would have given ancient man an ideal canvas on which to place his markers in a regular pattern for whatever reason.

After Dr. Evans ( Wil Ifan o Fon ) had written his book which he had intended to self-publish, he approached a printer in Llangefni. This book became the very first job to be printed on a Monotype letter casting machine at W. O. Jones the printers. A subscription list was raised and copies were duly printed. However, the establishment strongly disagreed with his theories and it had a very bad reception. He had collected a few copies, but he was so upset by this very bad press that most were left with the printer and the job remained unpaid. This is an effort by the grandson of W. O. Jones to bring this work to the notice of the public for their scrutiny.


Megalithomania: Artists, Antiquarians and Archaeologists at the Old Stone Monuments - John Michell

168 pages, The Squeeze Press, April 2007

A new paperback edition of this classic book. A feast of extraordinary theories and personalities centred around the mysterious standing stones. John Mitchell tells the wonderful story of the reactions, ancient and modern, to these prehistoric relics, whether astronomical, legendary, mystical or visionary.

Only £4.99+p&p Published price £12.99, a saving of over 60%

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