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Kilmartin Sounds of Ancient Scotland CD

Kilmartin Sounds of Ancient Scotland CD
Using original instruments and reconstructions, this unique CD offers, for the first time, a chance to hear the sounds that would have been familiar to our forebears thousands of years ago.
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The music ranges from ringing rocks to bird-bone flutes; Bronze Age horns and drums to the extraordinary sound of the Celtic war trumpet, the carnyx (left), specially recorded for the Kilmartin Sessions in Smoo Cave.

It ends with the eerie combination of harmonic singing and Bronze Age horn, recorded in the Hamilton Mausoleum - the building with the longest reverberation in the world. It was an appropriate choice, for like the Mausoleum, this CD has its own reverberations reaching into our remotest past and our deepest sub-concious.

Note: The CD comes supplied in a clear plastic envelope with printed insert, which is as supplied by Kilmartin House. There is a full track listing on the insert and we also include detailed information sheets.

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