Megalithic Portal Site Visit logs and blogs with images and maps

Submitted by Andy B on Wednesday, 12 June 2024   (5212 reads)

Megalithic Portal Site Visit logs and blogs with images and maps

PhotographyThe Megalithic Portal has had the facility to log sites that you have visited for some time, and our dedicated contributors have now logged almost 50,000 visits to ancient sites on our pages! We also have another way to show off all these visits, in your own 'blog' format with images and customised maps. It's really easy to get started with so please do have a go.
Image submitted by StoneLee

This is worth a re-run as a reminder - you can also use our logs to highlight sites you'd like to visit in future...
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Lagatjar alignements

Submitted by TheCaptain on Tuesday, 11 June 2024   (19820 reads)

Lagatjar alignements

Neolithic and Bronze AgeThe Lagatjar alignements are an intriguing arrangement of stones, mostly consisting of large white quartz blocks on open common land, just to the west of the fishing town of Camaret, in the far west of the Crozon Peninsula, Finistere, Brittany. There are probably over a hundred stones, mostly aligned into three lines, but there are some outliers as well.
Image submitted by thecaptain

Response to review of Gough and Harris’ book: A New Dimension to Ancient Measures

Submitted by Andy B on Friday, 07 June 2024   (230 reads)

Resources In 2021 Peter Harris and Thomas Gough published a book: A New Dimension to Ancient Measures based on theirs and the late Norman Stockdate's hypothesis that a unit of length, the Harris and Stockdale Megalithic Foot, (HSMF), of 1.1785 feet was known and used in prehistoric Britain. You can read a further summary of the book on our page here. Ancient metrology is a controversial subject but not unheard of in modern archaeology.  However in February 2023 Liz Henty published a book review in the Journal of Skyscape Archaeology rubbishing their work.
Image submitted by drolaf

A New Dimension to Ancient Measures Price Reduction to just £10 + P&P
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Three Rivers Petroglyphs

Submitted by RBE on Thursday, 06 June 2024   (5233 reads)

Three Rivers Petroglyphs

Rock ArtThe Three Rivers Petroglyph Site is one of the few locations in the Southwest set aside solely because of its rock art. It is also one of the few sites giving visitors such direct access to petroglyphs. More than 21,000 glyphs of birds, humans, animals, fish, insects and plants, as well as numerous geometric and abstract designs are scattered over 50 acres of New Mexico's northern Chihuahuan Desert.
Image submitted by RBE

Woodhenge (Wiltshire)

Submitted by sem on Wednesday, 05 June 2024   (62478 reads)

Woodhenge (Wiltshire)

StonehengeWoodhenge is a Neolithic Class I henge and timber circle monument located to the North of Amesbury in Wiltshire, England - it is closer to Amesbury than is Stonehenge. Before seeing Woodhenge, visitors sometimes anticipate it might partly resemble Stonehenge. But there is little of the original structure easily apparent.
Image submitted by Horatio

New Woodhenge dating aligns it chronologically with Stonehenge, see the comment on our page for more
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Dun Aisgain

Submitted by Tomb on Wednesday, 05 June 2024   (4413 reads)

Dun Aisgain

Multi-periodA fine example of a galleried dun in a conspicuous position on the summit of a low rocky knoll some 600m SSW of Burg farm-house, Isle of Mull. It is almost exactly circular on plan, measuring 10.4m in diameter within a stone wall which measures 2.3m in average thickness.
Image submitted by tomb

Kolomoki Mounds Historic Park

Submitted by AKFisher on Monday, 03 June 2024   (9051 reads)

Kolomoki Mounds Historic Park

Pre-ColumbianKolomoki Mounds State Historic Park in Georgia is an important archaeological site as well as a scenic recreational area. Kolomoki, covering some three hundred acres, is one of the larger preserved mound sites in the USA. Hundreds of years ago, Kolomoki, with its surrounding villages, burial mounds, and ceremonial plaza, was a center of population and activity in North America.
Image submitted by AKFisher

Roughtor settlement

Submitted by theCaptain on Saturday, 01 June 2024   (4438 reads)

Roughtor settlement

Neolithic and Bronze AgeAround the top of the Roughtor hilltop, from Little Rough Tor in the north-east to the main Rough Tor summit in the south-west, can be seen the remains of stone banks encircling the hilltop. In places this stone bank remains very significant, but in other places, particularly on the steeper slopes, it is less significant, probably due to stones falling off and rolling down the hillside amongst all of the other clutter. There are remains of a few cairns and hut circles within this enclosure.
Image submitted by Bladup

Castle Bloody

Submitted by C_Michael_Hogan on Tuesday, 28 May 2024   (13938 reads)

Castle Bloody

Neolithic and Bronze AgeCastle Bloody is a large mound prominently situated on the highest topographic point of southeastern Shapinsay on the island's sole remaining heather moorland. The structure has been described as a Pictish fort or earthen house. Earlier records of the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS 1981) classified this site as a chambered cairn and a recent geophysical survey backs up this interpretation.
Image submitted by C_Michael_Hogan

‘Tombs of the Isles’ report and free leaflet/map available to download. Also geophysical survey results published for various sites, more in the comments
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East Langass Stone Circle

Submitted by Smilemaker on Tuesday, 28 May 2024   (271 reads)

East Langass Stone Circle

Neolithic and Bronze AgeThis stone circle in North Uist was first identified in the late 20th Century during peat extraction activities. Initially three stones were identified, one remarkable stone is prostrate and has a man-made 'notch' cut from its upper surface. A fourth stone has been recently identified, displaced and lying in a peat bank cutting.
Image submitted by Smilemaker

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