Archaeology News (auto generated)
· Banbury archaeology: Ancient settlement and cemetery discovered - BBC
· Archaeologists stumped by ancient Greek wheel building that could stop an airport - The Independent
· Last chance to see Roman dig at Birdoswald - - Cumbria Crack
· Archaeologists make eerie discovery while exploring 800-year-old shipwreck - GB News
· Archaeologists Recover Huge Medieval Slabs From an 800-Year-Old Shipwreck - artnet News
· Ancient Archaeology Alive: Bryn Celli Ddu hosts living history and folklore events on Anglesey, to celebrate 10th year ... - Cadw
· Discovery of 4000-Year-Old Structure in Greece Stumps Archaeologists and Threatens Major Airport Construction - Smithsonian Magazine
· Eerie medieval gravestones found near 800-year-old shipwreck in English Channel - WION
· News - Study Dives Deep Into Life of Denmark’s “Vittrup Man” - Archaeology Magazine
· Hobbyist archaeologists identify thousands of ancient sites in England - The Guardian
· 1600-year-old Hun burial in Poland contains 2 boys, including one with a deformed skull -
· Volunteers help to unearth pre-historic significance of Quantocks -
· Archaeologists make deathly discovery at bottom of 800-year-old shipwreck - Fox News
· U.S. Uses Native Wisdom, Archaeology to Tackle Wildfires - Sri Lanka Guardian
· Archaeologists have traced the origin of the horse and why humans ride them - The Independent
· News - Lost Medieval Church and Burial Found Under Venice Piazza - Archaeology Magazine
· Essex pipeline dig reveals Roman and Bronze Age settlements -
· Mysterious 4000-year-old 'palace' with maze-like walls found on Greek island of Crete -
· Archaeology breakthrough: Secret chamber discovered at base of Great Pyramid of Giza – and experts are stumped - GB News
· Road to ruins: how I discovered the magic of archaeology - The Guardian
· A New Archaeological Discovery Has Ripped Up the Map of Human Migration - Popular Mechanics
· Archaeologists search for home of infamous Tower of London prisoner - HeritageDaily
· Archaeologists recover two medieval grave slabs from submerged shipwreck - HeritageDaily
· Archaeologists discover 'extremely violent' drawings by children in Pompeii - The Independent
· Archaeologists in England Found 800-Year-Old Tombstones While Excavating Shipwreck - Men's Journal

Prehistory News (auto generated)
· Prehistoric to Anglo-Saxon artefacts displayed in Banbury | This is Oxfordshire - This Is Oxfordshire
· Research reveals 'cosy domesticity' of prehistoric stilt-house dwellers in England's ancient marshland - University of Cambridge news
· Exmoor: Area of prehistoric remains is discovered - BBC
· Exmoor peat 'time capsule' uncovers evidence of Neolithic and Bronze Age landscape - West Somerset Free Press
· Sardinia – Island of Megaliths | The Neolithic and Bronze Age burial structures - Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
· Humans Shaped Ancient History Across 3 Ages: The Stone, Bronze, and Iron Age - DISCOVER Magazine
· East Yorkshire: Prehistoric human remains found in village -
· 100 ancient genomes show repeated population turnovers in Neolithic Denmark -
· 'England's Pompeii' gives archaeologists rare insight into prehistoric life - The Independent
· Must Farm, a highly preserved village, casts light on Bronze Age British life - The Washington Post - The Washington Post
· This Was Village Life in Britain 3000 Years Ago - The New York Times
· I spent £1,000 to be enshrined with my husband in a Neolithic burial mound when I die - here's why it's the pe - Daily Mail
· Thanet archaeologist reveals 'ultra rare' Neolithic discovery during appearance on BBC Digging For Britain - The Isle of Thanet News
· Derrycarhoon: A later Bronze Age copper mine in south-west Ireland – The Past - The Past
· Forterra funding helps uncover Bronze Age settlement - Agg-Net
· Bronze Age human remains uncovered during excavation of Iron Age settlement - Bournemouth University
· Ancient DNA reveals reason for high MS and Alzheimer's rates in Europe - University of Cambridge news
· Stanwick Lakes: Bronze Age log boat build reaches halfway point -
· Lead isotopes of prehistoric copper tools define metallurgical phases in Late Neolithic and Eneolithic Italy | Scientific ... -
· Ancient Down syndrome cases in Bronze and Iron Ages - Cosmos
· Archaeologists make 'rare' find of previously unknown henge in Crowland -
· Ancient Greeks Were Enjoying Beer as Far Back as the Bronze Age - - Greek Reporter
· Prehistoric domesticity at Must Farm sheds light on the Late Bronze Age - Courthouse News Service
· Hidden Bronze Age megastructures help understand Europe - Cosmos
· Researchers discover complete Neolithic cursus on the Isle of Arran - CentAUR

Ancient Site News (auto generated)
· Stepping stones: Travelling on the trail of the Stonehenge bluestones – The Past - The Past
· Has the mystery of Stonehenge finally been solved? 'Lost' boulder proves the bluestones were transported from - Daily Mail
· 'Lost' bluestone boulder provides vital clues to Stonehenge history - Salisbury Journal
· Lost boulder provides vital clue to Stonehenge's history - indy100
· Stonehenge campaigners win right to challenge judicial review - BBC
· Stonehenge to host temporary adventure playgound - Museums Association
· New study explores the moon's influence on the design of Stonehenge - Bournemouth University
· Hidden landscapes of Stonehenge - British Heritage Travel
· 'Tulsa's Stonehenge': Video Of Unfinished Tulsa Construction Goes Viral; ODOT Comments On The Process - KWTV
· Stonehenge project investigates possible Moon alignment -
· A303 Stonehenge Tunnel delayed again as legal challenge upheld - New Civil Engineer
· ‘Dangerous precedent’: fears over plans for Calanais stones access fee - The Guardian
· David Lindon creates the world's smallest Stonehenge - Salisbury Journal
· KS2 History / PSHE and Social Studies : What does Stonehenge Gold tell us about the Bronze Age? - BBC
· Will Stonehenge lose its Unesco World Heritage status? -
· Support staff at The Stonehenge School balloted over strike action - Salisbury Journal
· Inland route to Stonehenge from Welsh quarries is 'logical' - BBC
· Stonehenge tunnel: Campaigners lose High Court challenge - BBC
· Letter: 'Whole idea' of Stonehenge Tunnel 'ridiculous' - Salisbury Journal
· Calanais standing stones see approval for visitor centre upgrade - BBC
· Stonehenge tunnel receives new support as legal challenge fails - Traffic Technology Today
· Ring of Brodgar: Temporary toilets ruled out for Orkney landmark - BBC
· Neolithic site in Orkney to be reburied after 20 years of excavation - The Guardian
· Rare cosmic event may reveal Stonehenge's mysterious link to moon - The Independent
· Fee to visit Calanais Standing Stones takes a step closer - The Press & Journal

Featured: How and why the ancients enchanted Great Britain and Brittany

How and why the ancients enchanted Great Britain and Brittany


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Great Crowns of Stone: The Recumbent Stone Circles of Scotland

Great Crowns of Stone: The Recumbent Stone Circles of Scotland

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