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We are the official online shop of the Megalithic Portal web resource. All proceeds support our running costs.

Stone Circles CD-ROM, greatly updated Second Edition. Now just £10.

"Interactive maps, photos and descriptions make this an exemplary archaeological gazetteer" - Mike Pitts, Editor, British Archaeology
Stone Circles and Rows Greatly Updated Second Edition
A Photographic Tour for Windows by Tom Bullock


Compatible with all versions of Windows. Created with Macromedia Director
Presented in a quality DVD case with full-colour printed cover and insert.
Download a one-page brochure  (PDF format - 120Kb)

All crammed into a single 650MB CD-ROM for convenient navigation and now just £10.

Order now for £10+p&p (Half original price)


Upgrade to v2.1 for owners of the Second Edition (v2.0). Now on a single CD-ROM for convenient navigation:

  • Upgrade from v1.0 or v2.0 for just £5 +p&p
Upgrade includes CD-ROM disc only. If your address has changed since your previous order, please include your original address in the shopping basket comments for verification.

Reviews of the Second Edition:

"Interactive maps, photos and descriptions make this an exemplary archaeological gazetteer" - Mike Pitts, Editor, British Archaeology

Version 1.0 of Stone Circles: A Photographic Tour was a great success, earning rave reviews from all quarters, so Version 2.0 has been hotly anticipated among online site hounds. Needless to say, it doesn't disappoint. So what's new, and is it worth the expense of updating to this new version? Well, there is so much new material in this new edition that the complete programme runs across two CDs, available individually or as a 2-CD set. The gazetteer includes written descriptions and photographs of
over 900 sites, 60 or so useful maps and 130 short video clips. The interface of the earlier version is improved, and all the sites are linked to the Megalithic Portal website which offers access to online updates for particular monuments. Megaraks everywhere will thank 3rd Stone contributor Andy Burnham and Tom Bullock for the great job they have done with this new, improved and highly recommended version of Stone Circles: A Photographic Tour. - Neil Mortimer, 3rd Stone Magazine

Screen Shots:

Click to pop up Hi-Res Versions

Reviews of the First Edition:

"I think the disk splendid and an inspiration" - Dr Michael Hoskin, Editor of Journal for the History of Astronomy and Archaeoastronomy Supplement, and Research Fellow in Mediterranean Prehistory at Churchill College Cambridge

"A worthy companion to [Aubrey Burl's Stone Circles guide book]. This is an excellent product for anybody interested in these fascinating, enigmatic creations" - Colin Hynson, BBC History Magazine

"It is spectacular, absolutely top-drawer. A wonderful application of 21st century technology in the illumination of the technology of millennia past."- Ken Feder, Department of Anthropology, Central Connecticut State University

"A winner, no doubt about it. Very useful as a gazetteer and visually impressive." - Neil Mortimer, Fortean Times

"Highly enjoyable and well worth the money compared to the petrol and time to get to these marvellous sites" - Dr Terence Meaden

"Congratulations for your efforts: there are no other books, websites or CDs on earth that show so many of the remote and lesser known sites...The Hasselblad wide shots are gorgeous!!" - Diego Meozzi, Stone Pages

"An essential multimedia guide for every wired megalithiomaniac." - Chris Tweed, The Ancient Sites Directory

"Congratulations on a fine piece of work" - Paul Hoy, Student

"Many thanks for the CD-ROM - great service, it arrived Tuesday. Glad I finally got round to buying it." - Mark

"Incredibly easy to use" - Jill Austin

Technical Specifications:

  • Created with Macromedia Director
  • Folders containing all photographs and maps are unprotected and are freely useable for non-commercial purposes.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows (any)
  • Macintosh: Any PowerPC Macintosh running System 8.1 or later (sorry not Intel Macs)
  • 1024x768 interface with low compression JPEG images throughout
  • CD -ROM, DVD drive or USB flash drive
  • The contents of the disc can be copied in their entirety to run off a laptop hard disc or USB flash drive. This will run much faster and is good for systems without a CD/DVD drive

* Additional photography by JJ Evendon, Paul and Vicky Morgan, Andy Sweet and others, thanks for your contributions.

Bio of Tom Bullock

Stanford University, Stanford, California. 1955-56
Chemical Engineering
B.S. United States Military Academy, West Point, New York. 1960
Social Science, Literature, and Engineering
M.S. University of California, Los Angeles, California. 1966
Astrodynamics (Engineering)

1998-Present Self-Employed Photographer and Multimedia Artist
1969-1998 West Valley College, Saratoga, California
Instructor of Astronomy, Planetarium Director
1960-1969 United States Army Corps of Engineers

Textbook: Astronomy: Second Contact, Kendall/Hunt Publishing
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Edns. 1986, 1989, 1994, 1996,
ISBN 0-7872-2428-6

Course work in creative photography at UCLA, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, SF Art Institute, Friends of Photography (Carmel, California)
Part-time teaching of landscape, macro and moonlight photography, UC Santa Cruz Extension and West Valley College, 1978 - 1989
Wedding photographer, 1976 - present

I have a passion for travel and photographing the people and places of the world, especially the visually appealing, remote regions and antiquities associated with them. To spend a few hours alone with the impressive stones of Stonehenge bathed in full moonlight; to wander amongst the mute, hollow-eyed, intricately-carved heads of Chile's Easter Island; or just to enjoy the majesty of sunrise behind a California oak; these are delights that nourish my soul.

Tom Bullock at Merrivale Rows, Dartmoor

Stone Circles

After teaching astronomy for 20 years, I was granted a Sabbatical Leave by my college to conduct research on the stone circles of the British Isles during the Spring of 1990. I had included the subject of Stonehenge in my lectures because of the suspected astronomy incorporated into its construction, but I had never actually visited it, nor was I even aware there were over 900 other circles, many of which also demonstrated astronomical features. With books, maps, cameras (still, digital, and video) and compass in hand, hiking boots on foot, and foul-weather gear on back, I headed out for what was supposed to take a mere 5 months. But the more I remained in the field, the more excited I got. I completed my Sabbatical Report required by the college, but I returned year after year to continue the project that has become a singular passion: to locate, visit, map, photograph, and conduct basic measurements of all of the stone circles and rows in the British Isles and Europe. That there are astronomical considerations incorporated into their designs is not in doubt, as is clearly shown in the CD-ROM. But above and beyond the science of the circles, and why and by whom they were constructed, they are visually-appealing in their (mostly) isolated settings. I hope that your tour through the CD-ROM will inspire you to want to visit them as well.

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