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The premier journal for in-depth articles on ancient sites, folklore and unusual archaeology. Sorry, all back issues are now Sold Out.

3rd Stone was edited by Neil Mortimer with the help of Jeremy Harte, George Nash, Hilary Schrafft, George Chidren, Phil Quinn and Bob Trubshaw. In addition to well researched feature articles and papers, each issue has comprehensive and authorititave reviews section, abstracts, news and columns.

As well as the above writers, recent issues have included articles by Aubrey Burl, Rodney Castleden, Cheryl Straffon, Ed Krupp, John Billingsley, Andy Worthington, John Michell, Paul Devereux and many others.

Final Issue (47) November 2003 Sold Out, Sorry.

Issues 40 to 45: Sold Out, Sorry.

ISSUE 46: Sold Out, Sorry.

Caught Knapping: The Strange Career of Flint Jack - Robert Halliday
Wassail! The origins of a drinking toast - Richard Sermon
Stones of Power... Raised in Magic Hour - Robert Farrah
Dream Incubation - Bob Trubshaw
Bridestones Revisited, Uncovering one of England's Best-Kept Neolithic Secrets - Paul and Vicky Morgan
Sacred Preseli - David Kaiser
The World Turned Upside Down, Stonehenge Summer Solstice Before the Hippies - Adam Stout
The Realm of Atlas - Joanna Lehmann




A Tale of a Wandering Megalith (Callanish II's missing stone) - Gerald Ponting
The questionable reputation of Dr William Stukeley - David Boyd Haycock
Exploring Interfaces between Science and the Prophecies of a Norse Witch - Ian A. Morrison
Manitou Stones in Wisconsin (Native American Megaliths) - Herman E. Bender
Thunderbolts and Lightning (The Folklore of things from the sky!) - Alastair McBeath
Neolithic Solar Ritual at Stonehenge: Mad Midsummer or Bleak Midwinter? - Kate Prendergast
From cultural evolution to cognitive linguistics: Theory in British folklore studies - Bob Trubshaw
Re-evaluating Monumentality: Arthur's Stone, Dorstone, Herefordshire - George Nash

Small Stone:
The Goddess of the Kennet River - Rick Kemp
Vandalism and the Meaning of Monuments - Cornelius Holtorf
The Vision of Blindness - Nick Thorpe


Contents to follow



Thunderstones - Jennifer Westwood
The Celtic Calendar and the Anglo-Saxon Year - Richard Sermon
Marden: A not very secret history - Pete Glastonbury, Neil Mortimer and Brian Edwards
The Knights Templar and the Green Man - Tina Negus
The Riddle of Stone Rows in Latvia - Valters Grivins


Gog and Magog in English Tradition - Alby Stone
Beware of that Black Rider! - Paul Newman
Smoke and Mirrors: Scillonian Stone Rows - Andy Norfolk
Rethinking Rogationtide - Jeremy Harte
Imaginary Worlds of German Romanticism: Megaliths in the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich - Cornelius Holtorf
A Brief History of the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge - Andy Worthington
Megalithic Magnetism - Philip Burton
Small Stone: The Giants of Lundy - Duncan Egdell, Art and Warfare - Drew Mulholland, Lost and Found: Odin's Eye Again - Steve Pollington, Megalithic TV: The Changes - Barbara O'Riley, The Megalithic Fathom - Victor Reijs

issue 38ISSUE 41: Sold Out, Sorry.

The Secret History of Corpse Ways, Paul Devereux
Islay and the Paps of Jura, Cheryl Straffon
Ruth Tongue: The Story-Teller, Jeremy Harte
Odin's Lost Eye, Alby Stone
Weather Magic and Global Warming, Christine Rhone
Reflections on a Snakestone, Jennifer Westwood

ISSUE 40: Sold Out, Sorry.

Megaliths and Movies - Leslie Ellen Jones
Malta's Hypogeum - Danny Sullivan
Is this the Real Holy Grail? - Juliette Wood
Basalts and the Brain: Religious Experiences Induced by Geomagnetic Fields - Anne C. Silk
The Politics of Prehistory - Adam Stout
John Buchan and Pagan Stories - Kate Macdonald
The Megalithic Yard: Was Thom Right? - Eddie Crouch
The Altar Stone at Stonehenge: prone to doubt - Aubrey Burl
Tome Raider: Theo Brown¹s The Fate of the Dead - Jeremy Harte

Back issues 34 to 38 Sold Out, Sorry.

Issue 34ISSUE 34: Sold Out, Sorry.

Stonehenge and Timber Circles - Alex Gibson
Continuity in Archaeology and Folklore An introduction by Bob Trubshaw
Cult Caves of Latvia - Juris Urtans
Paganism and the English Settlement - Gavin Smith and Alby Stone

ISSUE 35: Sold Out, Sorry.

British Rock Art
Reassessing Stonehenge (Part 1)
Silbury Hill

Issue 36 CoverISSUE 36:

The Folklore of The Wicker Man - Leslie Ellen Jones
East Chisenbury Midden and Later Prehistory on Salisbury Plain - David McOmish
A Narrow Road Revisited - Jeremy Harte and Paul Devereux
Megalithic Science: Overcoming a History of Denial - Robin Heath
Something nasty in the 'Dark Age'? - Alastair McBeath

Issue 37 CoverISSUE 37 Sold Out, Sorry.

Myth-Conceptions - Aubrey Burl
The Barrow Hill Paradox - Wayne Perkins
On Archaeology & Folklore - Amy Gazin-Schwartz
A Question of Function: The Anglo-Saxon Grubenhaus - John Naylor
The Arthurian Landscape of South-East Wales - Frank Olding
Alexander Keiller and the Wessex Monuments - Lynda J Murray


The Rollright Stones Part I: The Danes - Jennifer Westwood
Ritual Marks on Historic Timber - Timothy Easton
Millennial Meteors  -Alastair McBeath
The Wear and Tear of Amber  -George Nash
A New Era in Hillfigure Construction  -Mark Hows
Tome Raider: The View Over Atlantis - Danny Sullivan

The Best of 3rd Stone 23-27

Sold Out, Sorry.

This compilation of articles taken from issues 23-27 includes a selection of features which readers have most frequently asked us to reprint. Not a comprehensive reprint of these now sold out issues, but does include all the major articles that were published during this 18 month period.

includes: Monumentality and the Neolithic George Children and George Nash

The Cerne Giant: A Long Standing Mystery - Jeremy Harte

Outlining a Symbolic Landscape: The Monumentality of Gray Hill - Gwent George Children and George Nash

The Forgotten Stones of West Mendip - Phil Quinn

Encoding Space: The Iron Age of South-East Wales - a Question of Defence or Social Statementing - George Children and George Nash

Cavaliers and Phantoms - Jeremy Harte

The Magical World of Doctor Dee - Allen Hunt

Smoking, Exposing and Disposing the Ancestors: The Emotion of Death and Mortality during Early Prehistory - George Children and George Nash

A Toast to the Recently Departed Fairy Faith in the Bristol Region - Phil Quinn

On Longan Dene Neodewearde: A Forgotten Stone Circle? - Neil Mortimer

Dowsing Gogmagog - W.A. Clarke

Bathampton Down, Somerset: Reassessment of a Neglected Megalithic landscape - Phil Quinn

Ley Lines: Dead and Buried, A Reappraisal of the Straight Line Enigma - Danny Sullivan

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