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We are the official online shop of the Megalithic Portal web resource. All proceeds support our running costs.

NEW: Avebury Archaeology Map by Thomas Melrose

A beautiful map of the vast stone circle of Avebury. Made with a combination of LIDAR laser scanning, Aerial photography and detailed Photogrammetry of the stones, giving unrivalled accuracy and detail. This has to be the most accurate and enlightening map of Avebury ever produced.

A lovely thing to own and pore over - it will enhance your understanding of Avebury, whether for a visit or study from afar.

Below the main map is a '3D' oblique Photogrammetric and LIDAR view, featuring all of the remaining stones and aspects of the complex.

As well as the existing stones, it gives detailed locations of the missing stones and proposed structures under the ground.

Includes a comprehensive graphical guide to all the archaeology at Avebury over the years, right up to the 2018 ground penetrating radar survey.

  • Photogrammetric capture chart showing the profiles of all the outer stone profiles and facets.
  • Includes parking and walking maps of the village
  • Removable Photogrammetric prints of the four remaining entrance or portal stones.
  • High accuracy makes it suitable for map dowising as well as archaeological study
  • Sized like a standard OS map, 23 cm x 13.5 cm, and with a tough weatherproof cover
  • Archival quality ink and paper
  • Scale 1:875

View some examples of some of Thomas' 3D models on Sketchfab.

Price £9.75 + p&p Order now

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