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We are the official online shop of the Megalithic Portal web resource. All proceeds support our running costs.

Stonehenge and Avebury Books, Maps and other Products

NEW: Stonehenge Tea Towel - The Lithology of Stonehenge

NEW: Stonehenge Tea Towel - The Lithology of Stonehenge

A beautiful vintage print from an illustration by Heywood Sumner. Sourced from the 1916 book Stonehenge Today and Yesterday by Frank Stevens. which was at the time the official HMSO guide to Stonehenge and the surrounding area.

£8.50 + p&p - Click for more details

Avebury Archaeology Map

Avebury Archaeology Map - Thomas Melrose

A beautiful map of the vast stone circle of Avebury. Made with a combination of LIDAR laser scanning, Aerial photography and detailed Photogrammetry of the stones, giving unrivalled accuracy and detail. This has to be the most accurate and enlightening map of Avebury ever produced.

£9.75 + p&p - Click for more details

The Old Stones - the major New Field Guide from the Megalithic Portal

Voted Current Archaeology Book of the Year 2019

The Old Stones Megalithic Sites Field Guide from the Megalithic Portal, edited by Andy Burnham

The most comprehensive and thought-provoking field guide ever published to the iconic standing stones and prehistoric places of Britain and Ireland

This ultimate insiders' guide gives unparalleled insight into where to find prehistoric sites and how to understand them, by drawing on the knowledge, expertise and passion of the archaeologists, theorists, photographers and stones aficionados who contribute to the world's biggest megalithic website - the Megalithic Portal.

203 x 239mm Paperback, 418 pages, Watkins Media, September 2018

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More details and previews of the Old Stones on our page here.

Stonehenge: The Secret of the Solstice

Stonehenge: The Secret of the Solstice - Terence Meaden

Paperback, 176 pages, Souvenir Press, 1997

Looking at known facts of archaeology, science and ancient religion, the author explains these mysteries in terms of the universally-adored, world-renewal fertility/creation myth called the Sacred Marriage or The Marriage of the Gods; for this inspired the device by which the cosmic fertilisation of a female deity on Earth was achieved by visible revelation, the midsummer mating of the rising sun (via its radiant light) with a female standing stone (mis-named the Altar Stone at Stonehenge) inside a womb-like setting of stones.

The intention appears to have been to ensure the security and fertility of the people's world by means of a dramatic midsummer spectacle which everyone could witness and understand. The author proposes that Stonehenge is a womb-shaped temple much like the hundreds of thousands of womb-shaped Hindu temples known to as the garbha grha. At Stonehenge and other ancient British temples the effect was completed by the phallic shadow cast by an additional stone, in this case the Heel Stone.

Only £5.99+p&p Published price £12.99, a saving of over 50%

The Secrets of the Avebury Stones

The Secrets of the Avebury Stones: Britains Greatest Megalithic Temple
Terence Meaden

Paperback - 224 pages
Souvenir Press 1999 ISBN: 0285635018

Highly recommended book on the Avebury stones. Has photos of almost every stone with detailed notes, making this the most comprehensive book on Avebury ever published

As with his previous books the subject of sexual symbolism is an important theme. Male and female stones, earth mother and sky father, specially chosen stones with triangular and cleft shapes. He takes a theory touched upon by other authors and explores it in depth.

Just £6.99+p&p (RRP £12.99 - a saving of over 60%)

The 'secret' is that there are dozens of faces in the stones, created by taking advantage of natural irregularities in stone and in some cases augmented by subtle carving. Most represent left facing human profiles, although Meaden also provides photographs of a convincing sheep's head inside West Kennet Long Barrow, and several more stones that show parallels with the Yoni symbolism of the Hindu/Tantric religion, namely having deep slits on display. Read the rest of my review

A Little History of Astro-Archaeology, Stages in the Transformation of a Heresy - John Michell

A Little History of Astro-Archaeology - John Michell

Paperback, 128pp. Thames and Hudson, 2001.

John Michell's acclaimed "Little History" charts the development of archaeoastronomy, illustrating the principal sites and personalities, and summing up its present state and exciting prospects for the future.

Only £4.99+p&p Published price £10.95, a saving of over 50%

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