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Track titles:

  1. Carnac - The Alignments
  2. The Ring of Brodgar
  3. Rollright Stones
  4. Merry Maidens
  5. Long Meg and her Daughters
  6. Castlerigg
  7. Avebury
  8. Stonehenge 
Compositions of Stone - Mike Simmons
Audio CD - Music from the Mountains

Each composition of stone is different, and each bears it's own myths and legends. Some of the stones are said to be "uncountable," others are believed to be dancers or witches who have been turned to stone by a passing saint. Others again are said to have been built to mark the passing of time or the turning of the heavens. There has always been this attempt to give meaning to that which remains so enigmatic. 

Listen to an extract of Track 2: The Ring of Brodgar

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sueastoncd.jpg (6795 bytes)Sue Aston – Sacred Landscapes
CD, Genius Loci Music 1999
16 varied tracks of solo violin in various styles
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kilmartincd.jpg (12816 bytes)The Kilmartin Sessions, The sounds of ancient Scotland - Kilmartin House Trust
CD Price 14.50 + 1.50 p&p Kilmartin House Trust
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Tuva: Voices From The Center Of Asia - Various Artists
33 tracks, 41'50, featuring numerous performers recorded in Tuva by Ted Levin, Eduard Alexeev, Zoya Kirgiz. Khoomei, jew's harp, sigit, animal imitations. Excellent liner notes. Scholarly, musicological liner notes, texts in Tuvan available.
Audio CD,   Label: Smithsonian/Folkways, Released: June 22, 1990
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Shu-De: Voices from the Distant Steppe
Realworld/WOMAD Productions (Real World Records Ltd)

16 tracks by the Tuvan ensemble Shu-De (M. Mongush, L. Oorzhak, N. Shoigu, B. Salchak, O. Kuular), including all varieties of khoomei, igil, doshpuluur, & limbi (flute) playing, plus a wide variety of styles from Buddhist Chant to Tuvan tonguetwisters to Western-style choral harmony. A shamanic ritual ends out the CD. A magnificent kargyraa cut by Leonid Oorzhak is a highlight. Eminently listenable. (Spring 1994).

The above two CDs feature Throat-Singing, a unique type of dual-voiced overtone singing, used in shamanic rituals in Tuva and elsewhere.
Tuva is the setting for the reemergence of ancient spiritual traditions after their near extinction under Soviet communist repression. From the capital of Kyzyl to isolated nomadic yurtas in remote alpine mountains, the Tuvan people are rediscovering their indigenous Shamanic and Buddhist rituals and healing arts. Jump to the Friends of Tuva website

Paul McCartney: Standing Stone - Foster, London Symphony
Composer: Paul McCartney Conductor: Lawrence Foster Orchestra: London Symphony Chorus, London Symphony Orchestra Emd/Emi Classics -Audio CD / DDD / ASIN:

Track Listings 1. Fire/Rain 2. Cell Growth 3. "Human" Theme 4. Meditation 5. Crystal Ship 6. Sea Voyage 7. Lost At Sea 8. Release 9. Safe Haven/Standing Stone 10. Peaceful Moment 11. Messenger 12. Lament 13. Trance 14. Eclipse 15. Glory Tales 16. Fugal Celebration 17. Rustic Dance 18. Love Duet 19. Celebration
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Neither great nor bad. When this came out, the classical reviewers were unkind. It is little wonder that very little worthwhile new classical music is written these days when you find out how closed minded and cold this crowd is. If it wasn't composed in the 18th century, the classical music crowd doesn't want to hear it or know about it. Heck, they roasted Gershwin when he was alive and now he is part of the standard repertoire! Hooray for Paul for trying something different even if it isn't the greatest. The finale is beautiful. I think the album is worth buying just for that. The rest of it is uneven, though quite melodic in places.

B000006P11_m.gif (16483 bytes)The Philosopher's Stone [BOX SET] Van Morrison
Audio CD Number of Discs: 2 Pgd/Polydor; ASIN:

Featuring amazing cover artwork of the Stones of Stenness by fellow web author Diego Meozzi.

Disc: 1 1. Really Don't Know 2. Ordinary People 3. Wonderful Remark 4. Not Supposed To Break Down 5. Laughing In The Wind 6. Madame Joy 7. Contemplation Rose 8. Don't Worry About Tomorrow 9. Try For Sleep 10. Lover's Prayer 11. Drumshanbo Hustle 12. Twilight Zone 13. Foggy Mountain Top 14. Naked In The Jungle 15. There There Child

Disc: 2 1. Street Only Knew Your Name, The 2. Western Plain 3. Western Plain 4. Joyous Sound - (outtake) 5. I Have Finally Come To Realise 6. Stepping Out Queen Part II 7. Stepping Out Queen Part II 8. Western Plains 9. Street Theory 10. Real Real Gone 11. Showbusiness 12. For Mr. Thomas 13. Crazy Jane On God 14. Song Of Being A Child 15. High Spirits
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Reviews For an artist's most devout fans, a peek at the sketches can speak volumes about the final canvas, and that's the merit behind this two-CD compilation of shelf tracks and alternate takes from Van Morrison's 1971-1988 studio output. The Philosopher's Stone favors his core instincts as a blues-based writer and arranger, its 30 songs dominated by shuffles and slow-burning blues with excursions into more gospel-lined melodies and some ripe experiments in funk. Collectors will welcome pristine versions of "Crazy Jane on God," the churning "Naked in the Jungle," an ebullient "Madame Joy," and several pieces exploring extended falsetto vocals, including "Twilight Zone" and "Try for Sleep," the latter being one of four tracks featuring Mark Isham on trumpet. New versions of "Real Real Gone" and "Wonderful Remark," however, confirm the wisdom of the artist's original release choices. --Sam Sutherland

Probably the best "Van" in years. Great alternate versions of "Bright Side of the Road" and "Real Real Gone", plus many unrecorded gems, such as "Mr. Thomas" (referring to Dylan Thomas). This album immediately jumps to the "Only ten CDs on a desert island" list!

The Celts - Enya
Audio CD Wea/Warner Brothers; ASIN: Avg. Customer Review: Number of Reviews: 10

1. Celts, The 2. Aldebaran 3. I Want Tomorrow 4. March Of The Celts 5. Deireadh An Tuath 6. Sun In The Stream, The 7. To Go Beyond (I) 8. Fairytale 9. Epona 10. St. Patrick 11. Cu Chulainn 12. Oisin 13. Portrait (Out Of The Blue) 14. Boadicea 15. Bard Dance 16. Dan Y Dwr 17. To Go Beyond (II)
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Born Eithne Ni Bhraonain, this classically-trained pianist was kid sister in the musical family that became Clannad, joining the Irish band in 1979 but dropping out amicably three years later to pursue her own muse. This music, produced in the mid-'80s as the soundtrack to a BBC series, was released as her debut in 1987 and promptly ignored--yet its mix of atmospheric soundscapes and Enya's lush, layered vocals, sung in both English and Gaelic, is the template for her subsequent global hits, beginning with Watermark the following year. --Sam Sutherland

One of her better albums, Enya does a great service to the Celts. I found I want Tomorrow to be particularly moving. This is a must have for all Enya fans.

B000003JM6_m.gif (20404 bytes)Celtic Circles Bonnie Rideout
Audio CD  Maggie's Music

1. North Higland Tunes 2. Pipe Major William Wilson 3. Mary Do It Again 4. Cross Roads 5. Jig In A 6. Lament On The Death Of Sor Blanca Maria 7. MacDonald, Lord Of The Isles 8. Romance Air 9. Gillie Callum 10. Highland Rant 11. Ryan's Rant 12. Air To Which Ossian Is Recited 13. Boat Hoisted The Sails, The 14. Gone To Sea 15. Bog On Lochan 16. Drowsy Maggie 17. Sleepy Maggie 18. Mother's Lament, A 19. Aisling 20. Flo'ers O' The Forest 21. Yell Yell 22. Prince Charlie's Farewell To Scotland 23. Winyadepla

A brilliant listen for the musically in-the-know! Celtic music, traditional tunes set along with fiddle and pipe. She goes from a longing sense of rythm to one of perk with seemingly non-existant effort!
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Audio CD (28 August, 2000)


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