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Megaliths & Prehistory in Britain

I have to recommend Stone Pages by Paola Arosio & Diego Meozzi. Visit there for more megalithic sites in Britain, Ireland and France. They also have an excellent Archaology Links Page.

Clive Ruggles from Leicester University also has photographs of many British sites as part of the STILE project.

Ancient Sites of Britain, featuring most of the best known megalithic areas: Avebury, Callanish, Land's End, Orkney, Peak District, Stonehenge, Uffington

Megaliths in Western Europe covers a selection of sites from all over Europe

Alastair McIvor features Stones of Derbyshire, and the Preseli mountains in Wales.

Virtual Fieldtrip featuring Tom Bullock's virtual fieldtrip to megaliths around the UK.

Current Archaeology is a forward looking journal with amongst much else, some interesting information on new research on the Isle of Lewis

Circles of Stone - some obscure circles here, this is what we want to see...

Megaliths & Prehistory in Scotland

Visit Orkney - Andy Nicol describes his favourite places in Orkney, including the Ring of Brodgar & Skara Brae

Mysteries of Pre-history - part of a virtual tour of the Orkney Islands, featuring some of the best known monuments in Orkney.

Callanish (Calanais) Visitor Centre - known as the Stonehenge of the North, Callanish is on the Isle of Lewis. Part of the Virtual Hebrides site.

There is more between heaven and earth - Victor Reijs discusses interpretations of megalithic art, and also has an interest in archaeoastronomy.

Kilmartin House Trust has a visitor centre in the Kilmartin Valley, well known for its megaliths. This site has a guide to the area including pictures of the sites

Highland Archaeology Service's new web site, featuring walks around Caithness

Stones of Wonder Robert Pollock's Guidebook to Scottish prehistoric monuments with orientations to sun, moon or stars. Shows monuments to visit and observe for yourself. Work is based on original surveys.

EHabitat Prehistoric Scotland. Lots of detail on sites in Orkney, Kilmartin and elsewhere by Martin McCarthy.

Scottish Highlands and Islands Photos by Joanne Winters - part of her excellent in-depth guide to Scotland

Recumbent Stone Circles of NE Scotland by Anna Edelsten

Pictish Pages by John Duncan

Ancient Places by Alexander Burton

Megaliths & Prehistory in England

The Ancient  Sites Directory by Chris Tweed. Sites from Cornwall, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire & Wiltshire

British Stone Circles, by Stephen Dean featuring pictures of circles from Cornwall, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Devon, Lancashire & Wiltshire

Research at the Knowlton Henge complex: interim notes. Report from Bournemouth University

From Watford Gap to Camelot, an evocative journey through central southern England featuring such megalithic sites as the Rollright Stones, and Avebury.

Penrith, the Eden Valley and the northern Lake District
See section 2. Prehistory of Eden

Cerne Abbas Giant (If you are offended by a 3000 year old carving of a man with a large penis then don't follow this link). And on the same server, a walk to Maiden Castle, both in Dorset (Walk 6.)

Butser Ancient Farm is neither a prehistoric site or a museum, it's a living research centre into prehistoric life. An excellent place to visit if you're in Hampshire.

Findon Village Antiquities - Tales From The Past Factual stories and 900 photographs of the village of Findon in West Sussex. It includes Cissbury Ring hillfort.

Bryan Vasek's pages about the construction of Stonehenge.

Forest Archaeology UK - a new website about archaeology in Thetford Forest, Norfolk

Access to Stonehenge at the Solstice

Stonehenge under Threat! about the proposed road building

Megaliths & Prehistory in Ireland

Newgrange should need no explanation, although here is one...

The Discovery Programme

Greg Fewer is an archaeologist in Ireland - he's kindly mirroring part of the Prehistoric Web Index

John Channing, archaeological contractor

County Mayo chat room | County Mayo Links

Mythic Ireland   I have plans to add 300 photographs to the site, along with a huge mythology resource and some great paintings of the megalithic structures by local artists.

Sligo Online , including Sligo Chat

Excellent site on Irish stones from a fresh angle, by author Anthony Weir

Megaliths in the rest of Europe

Hunebedden in Nederland/Dolmens in The Netherlands. Hans Meijer now has pictures of all 54 Dutch Megaliths (Hunebedden)

Megaliths in Brittany by Miranda Joubioux

Dolmens in Denmark

Pictures from Easter Island

Centre Stone: The Stones Begin to Speak

Crystal's Megalithic Sites

Places of Peace and Power by Martin Gray

The Center for Archaeoastronomy

The Prehistory of Finland in a Nutshell

Spiritbear.com includes five pages with photos of Breton megaliths

Arciis Pages by Albert Fābrega

The important Lower Palaeolithic site of Schoeningen, Lower Saxony, Germany, where the 400,000-year-old hunting spears were found.

Dolmens in Jersey

Megaliths in Russia


In the central Mediterranean, where they have monuments in impressively good shape, predating the pyramids of Egypt by more than a millennium:




Megaliths in North America?

Visitors regularly ask me about megaliths in the USA. I didn't know much about these, except that they exist, and there is controversy over whether they are genuinely ancient or not. Sheri Nakken kindly enlightened us on the Stones Mailing List, and I repeat her links here with thanks.

America's Stonehenge, Mystery Hill also Jennifer an archaeologist's photos and thoughts on the place. 

List of Controversial Archaeological Sites in North America

Rock Art Piece From Burrows Cave, Southern Illinois

America Unhenged The Man-Made Stonehenge in Washington State

The Geo Group's Stone Circles

Car Henge

the Big Horn Medicine Wheel up on the Wyoming / Montana border. Their home page

"Earth Mysteries" Links

The Ley Hunter

Brittania Earth Mysteries is a good introduction to the subject, written by Chris Witcombe, who also has his own earth mysteries site.

Earth Mysteries, part of At the Edge an interesting magazine

Northern Earth Online, another interesting magazine

Paul Devereux, author and consultant editor of The Ley Hunter now has his own web site.

Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours by Sheri Nakken

DIY crop circles by The Circlemakers

Surrey Earth Mysteries Group

Earth Wisdom - Earth Mysteries database

Sig Lonegren's Geomancy pages - "Divination of the Earth, Spiritual Ecology"

TimeStar Earth

The Dreamtime

Power Trips - the travel magazine devoted to Mother Earth's sacred places"

Rennes-le-Chateau: a comprehensive guide to the landscape geometry of the region as featured in Genisis, Geneset and Poussin's Secret, by David Wood and Ian Campbell.

Pathways alternative directory

Art Gallery: a collection of paintings, ufo photos with links to ufo research by Jilaen Sherwood

Ancient Civlizations Atlantis, Egypt, Lemuria, Native American. Description of life and times in those places.

crownjewels.com (Crystals)

"The biggest Mysteries Megasite on planet earth"

Harry and Colin Bell's Glasgow network of aligned sites, a little-known aspect of Glasgow's history


Energetic Arts

ANAM Holistic Healing, Dowsing and Shamanic Practice Ireland Resources for holistics, dowsing, divining and shamanic healing land practices in Ireland - including therapies, courses, articles, holidays and sacred site guided tours.

Flying Saucers, Landscape Energies and Lost Technology a site about the work of the late Tony Wedd of Chiddingstone into these subjects.

Studio Arts & Crafts, with a Celtic bent

Earth Lights Links

Project Hessdalen, unexplained natural lights in Norway.

Paul Devereux now has his own web site.

Archaeology in General

Two excellent British archaeology programmes:

Meet the Ancestors BBC2 Vicky Cooper spends a day filming with the crew. (Part of Assemblage)

Time Team Channel 4

Goddesses & Other Big Beautiful Women The very first images of Woman were were soft & voluptuous, such as these stone figurines from Grimes Graves Prehistoric Flint Quarry, Norfolk and from Malta.

The Archaeology Webring Visit a random site in the ring or the Archaeology Ring homepage

Wharfe - a resource for British heritage including archaeology links and wild flowers.

Roman Military Sites in Britain  Very comprehensive gazetteer by Peter Green.

Paleobook Thrilling ancient mysteries, fiction & non-fiction: Prehistoric, archaeological & archaeo-spiritual categories. Book & video reviews, excerpts, art, music and big discounts.

Archaeologists and Development is an informal collective of campaigners dedicated to fighting developments that are systematically destroying our heritage, from ancient sites and landscapes, to monuments and battlefields.


a link list to the Bronze Age in temperate Europe by Sprenzel Bernd


The Hotel Guide Book your own room at any of 60,000 hotels around the world.

Victoria Brooks' Greatest Escapes Web Zine is a candid and honest worldwide guide to fabulous places, weird travel, wild travel, adventure travel, offbeat travel, cheap travel, cyber travel, romantic escapes, and great deals. Monthly on-line trips & tales!

Souterrains Homepage Prehistoric, caving and everything including the London Underground!

Trognet - more underground stuff, from the excellent William Pengelly Cave Studies trust

Rampant Scotland Links pages

Sacred Journeys Female oriented travel company who arrange visits to stone circles, and other sacred sites in Britian

Travel Britain

Rites of Passage Retreats spiritual journeys to sacred sites around the world; swim with dolphins in Bimini, see the stones of Scotland, climb to the top of the world at Machu Picchu.

Mexico Host A useful traveling guide for mexican tourist destinations

8-Day Stones & Scones Tour of the classic sites of prehistoric Britain.

Station Taxis - cover Glasgow Airport & City centre

What to do around Loch Ness, including The Mysterious Past, care of Clach Mhuilinn B&B

Trips to Bimini and Hawaii, to bask in the earth energies and swim with the dolphins. We visit the volcano, lava caves, petroglyphs and temples in Hawaii.

Sacred Tours

Photos by Eleanor

ipicture, theme-categorized travel related link directory

Irish Jokes An Aternative Web Site

Quo vadis sacred tours

Otherworld Image Tours, Journey into Legend


Radio Caroline: The official site

My friend Steve Satan's web site about Radio Caroline's FM Radio licence in Bristol

Paradigm Poems: Words for the New Millenium; Essays and poems on UFO's, dream prophecy, remote viewing, world change, the quantum and much more...

askAlana.com: Helping you learn to trust your Heart Attract your soul mate, discover your life purpose, embrace your intuition, truly love yourself, find inner peace, manifest a joyful future, nurture your body, and improve your relationships.

NorthCoast Marine Adventures based in John o'Groats, offers scenic, wildlife and adventure trips.

See also the "Megaliths on the Web" graphical links page.

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