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The Prehistoric Web Index of Ancient Sites in Europe
* updated: 06 August, 2000 *

There are thousands of pages featuring megaliths and other prehistoric sites appearing on the web.

I have built a database of these sites over the last couple of years. These web pages are the result - indexes full of over2000 hyperlinks to prehistoric, megalithic and ancient sites of all types.

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Type of Prehistoric Site
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Map Interface (The Megalith Map)
currently Stone Circles and Rows only

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They have the bare minimum of formatting to speed things up.

Megalithic Mysteries

The Megalith Map

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If you are a prehistoric/megalithic web site author please help me keep the index up to date by e-mailing me updates. Here is an example of the information I'm compiling.

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As you can imagine, checking all the links regularly is difficult, so please let me know if any of them don't work, thanks.

Here's How I created the pages:

I have built a database in MS Access 97, containing data on megaliths, other prehistoric sites, and the web pages they can be found on. From this, I generate text-only reports with HTML tags, web links and image tags from the database in the appropriate places. Thanks to Alastair McIvor for help with database development, data entry, and creating the Megalith Map graphical interface pages.

Page last updated: 06 August, 2000