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Many megalithic "sites" (tricky double meaning here) are springing up on the World-Wide-Web, forming a valuable new resource to those interested in the subject.

Here is a pick of my favourites. I have concentrated on three areas:

If you're looking for information or images on a particular prehistoric site try the Prehistoric Web Index.

I also have lots more Megalithic / Archaeological / "Earth Mysteries" links here.

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Specialist magazines / journals

The LeyHunter Journal Now saddly defunct, but still the longest running "Earth Mysteries" magazine by quite a long stretch. Their web site is still worth a visit.

Northern Earth Online should appeal to all those with an inquiring interest in historical landscapes, folklore and custom, the unexplained, ancient consciousness and spirituality or a 'Gaian' vision of the Earth.

3rd Stone Another good read. Concentrates on Ancient Sites and new ideas in archaeology.
Now merged with At the Edge , who have kept their own huge web site of archived articles.

The Right Times Quirky and varied magazine from the Rollright Stones Trust. Recommended.

Celtic Connections Magazine Pretty self explanatory if you can get to the bottom of what Celtic means :-)

Graphics and photographs

The Ancient  Sites Directory by Chris Tweed. English Megalithic sites, with an excellent glossary and bibliograpy and now the Stones Mailing List

Alastair's Stone Circles Page by Alastair McIvor,
features Stones of Derbyshire, and the Preseli mountains in Wales.

Symbolstone: Megaliths by Alligator Descartes.
Many Scottish megaliths here, along with a seperate section on Pictish symbol stones.

pklogo.gif (2222 bytes)Paul Kenyon's Stone Circle Database
Excellent, comprehensive site

Megaliths in Western Europe by Jan Bily.
Covers a selection of sites from all over Europe. Also a discussion of megalithic measures.

Stone Pages by Paola Arosio & Diego Meozzi. Information & images of a large number of megalithic sites in Britain, Ireland and France. Excellent graphic design, and links page.

Eastern Habitat  has more photos of Scottish megaliths

Stone Circles of Orkney - Brodgar & Stenness by Ivor McAlister

Hunbedden in the Netherlands is a comprehensive survey of Dutch passage graves.

From Watford Gap to Camelot an evocative journey through central southern England featuring such megalithic sites as the Rollright Stones, and Avebury.

Earth Mysteries by Chris Witcombe
is a good introduction to the subject.

The Kilmartin House Trust have a visitor centre in the Kilmartin Valley, well known for its megaliths. This site has a map-based guide to the area including pictures of many of the monuments.

British Stone Circles by Stephen Dean.
Atmospheric black & white images of circles, all in England.

STILE by Clive Ruggles from Leicester University. Clive has a huge collection of photographs from around the world. Has a comprehensive British section, but hardly any text and no background information.


Stones of Wonder is a brand new resource by Robert Pollock covering Scottish Archaeoastronomy in some depth

There is more between heaven and earth by Victor Reijs discusses interpretations of megalithic art, and also has an interest in archaeoastronomy.

The Center for Archaeoastronomy

I also have lots more Megalithic / Archaeological / Earth Mysteries links here.

Page last updated: 06 August, 2000 

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