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Rollright Stones

Stone Circle, Oxfordshire

Audio Guide to the Stones

Aerial Photos

Stones Mailing List members met again at the Rollright Stones on February 5th 2000. We were lucky enough to be joined by renowned author and researcher Paul Devereux, who gave us a short talk inside the circle itself
Part 1: The Dragon Project
Part 2: Misunderstood Leys and the Ancient Mind

A view of the
King's Men circle

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In March 1998 the regulars of the Stones Mailing List and their friends gathered at the Rollright Stones for a get-together, hopefully the first of many. We were treated to a talk by George Lambrick, shown below to the right of the picture. At the time he was the Deputy Director of the Oxford Archaeology Unit. He led the only recent excavation of the Rollright Stones, and is a trustee of the  Rollright Stones Charitable Trust. Nearby the King's Men circle is te King Stone and the Whispering Knights chambered tomb.

Hear some drumming inside the Rollright circle on Mayday's eve 1999 (1min30). Swirling stereo surround effect - try it with headphones. If your internet connection is not fast enough to play live you can download it for later (440kb). Here's someone playing the flute inside the circle.

rrct2.jpg (20596 bytes)rollr.jpg (12345 bytes)

Personal: If you'd like to know more about the Rollright Stones, visit the website of the new Rollright Stones Trust, or better still, join me in becoming a friend of the stones.
<HIPPY NEIL VOICE> (hey - like - wow, man...a friiieeeend of the, cosmic)

Access: The Rollright Stones will cost you the 'breadhead' sum of 30p to visit :-). Click here for full page mapLocal Map (from Multimap) (use your browser's "back" button to come back)

  rrct3.jpg (36430 bytes)

rrct4.jpg (39600 bytes)

From left to right: David Craig (Strum), John Attwood (Obetoo), Editor of 3rd Stone (forget his name at the moment), me with baby Rowan (Squawk), ?, Mrs Chris Tweed, Bobbie (Canary), Squonk himself, ? (an archaeologist I think). Aplogies to those whose names I have forgotten - please put me right!

Others who were there, but not pictured here: George Lambrick, Karin Attwood with baby bump :-), Andy Norfolk, Trevor & Sepha Brook, Ruth & Chloe Burnham. Who else?

rrct1.jpg (52235 bytes)

Photographic credits: Group photos & landscapes Chris Tweed (,
aerial photographs JJ Evendon

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