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aslan.bmp (104810 bytes)ASLaN Conference 2000

Panel Discussion

The final part of the ASLaN conference held on the 17th June at Bodicote Park, Banbury in Oxfordshire

The Panellists were

Controversial subject matter includes Seahenge and the state Stonehenge has been left in by countless excavations.
Listen 40 minutes Play RealAudio Clip

Sound and Production: Andy Burnham

More of the conference will hopefully be online soon. More about ASLaN. The conference was sponsored by:

YUP.gif (2252 bytes) ASLaNNTlogo-1.bmp (60102 bytes) Shire Publications

stnn4.jpg (5158 bytes)Stonehenge Solstice 2000

An anthropologist friend of mine was one of the thousands at the Open Event at Stonehenge this summer solstice.
Hear her Audio Diary (7mins) Play RealAudio Clip

Production: Andy Burnham

Paul Devereux

Stones Mailing List members were very pleased to have renowned author and researcher Paul Devereux give us a talk on February 5th 2000 at the Rollright Stones.

Part 1 The Dragon Project (12mins) Play RealAudio Clip
Part 2 Misunderstood Leys and the Ancient Mind 4mins Play RealAudio Clip
including details of Paul's new Encyclopedia of Earth Mysteries


1860466613.gif (13513 bytes) Circles of Stone - Max Milligan, Aubrey Bur
Hear the story behind the book.
My interview with Max Milligan, photographer with a painter's eye. (6'20'') Play RealAudio Clip

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The amazing photography of Max Milligan combined with Burl's expert text.

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206.jpg (39256 bytes)Avebury Tour and the mystery heads

Terence Meaden, author of fascinating books on Stonehenge and Avebury gave members of the Stones Mailing List a guided tour of Avebury on the 7th August 1999, just before the solar eclipse.

He showed us the faces he claims to have discovered on many of the Avebury stones - look at the pictures what you think.

Avebury Tour Part 1 (7'46") Play RealAudio Clip

Avebury Tour Part 2 (3'58") Play RealAudio Clip

More photos and audio tour instalments to follow soon, so bookmark this site and come back in a few weeks.

To hear about future events join the stones list or register for updates to this web site.

head2.jpg (22331 bytes)

Photos by Frank Wayman, who's writtten some pages on our day at Avebury.

My Avebury Pages

meadenavtn.jpg (5496 bytes)new3.gif (246 bytes) Secrets of the Avebury stones: Britain's greatest Megalithic temple -Terence Meaden
Full review here
224pp, pbk, Souvenir Press,
July 1999

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tntmst.jpg (4185 bytes)Stonehenge : The Secret of the Solstice - Terence Meaden
Paperback, 176 pages, Published by Souvenir Pr Ltd, Publication date: October 1, 1997, Dimensions (in inches): 9.95 x 7.29 x .56

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Clive Ruggles and Euan MacKie on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

On the 4th August 1999 Clive Ruggles took on Euan MacKie on BBC Radio 4. They have conflicting views on Scottish archaeoastronomy, including the alignments at Maes Howe.
Hear what happened Play RealAudio Clip

new3.gif (246 bytes) Astronomy in Prehistoric Britain and Ireland - Clive Ruggles
Hardcover - 288 pages, June 1999, Yale University Press
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Science and Society in Prehistoric Britain -
Euan Wallace MacKie

Hardcover, Published by St Martins Pr June 1977
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Rollright Stones

Learn about this fascinating stone circle near Oxford on an audio tour with George Lambrick, the archaeologist who excavated it. Play RealAudio Clip

Or hear some drumming inside the Rollright circle on Mayday's eve 1999 (1min30) Swirling stereo surround effect - try it with headphones. If your internet connection is not fast enough to play live you can download it for later (440kb) Play RealAudio Clip

Here's someone playing the flute inside the circle. Play RealAudio Clip

zig2.gif (3213 bytes)

Spinal Tap

I think my favourite example of Stonehenge in the media is in the classic heavy metal piss-take film Spinal Tap, about an over the top (but completely believable) heavy rock band. In one hilarious scene the band decide to sack their manager (to be replaced by one of their girlfriends) following a misunderstanding over the size of a "giant" trilithon arch to accompany their song Stonehenge. Here's a short extract from the soundtrack:

Play Spinal Tap clip Play RealAudio Clip Audio clip contains strong language which may offend Order this title Order a book from


As parodied by the above, still my favourite band from the 70's, and going strong on their umpteenth lineup. Played at the Stonehenge hippy festival countless times before it was banned, to be replaced by the Midsummer "Ring of Steel". Their set from the 1984 festival was released as the live album This is Stonehenge - Do not Panic.

They have a track called Stonehenge Decoded which is a bit long and noodly. Instead here's a sound clip of one of the best songs from that album - Psi Power.
Play Hawkwind clip Play RealAudio Clip

Dr Who - The Stones of Blood

by David Fisher (4 episodes), directed by Darrol Blake
A daft adventure involving standing stones that move and attack people (yes, really). Filmed at the Rollright Stones, the best bit by far is a rather good explanation of stone circles by the fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) to the first Romana (Mary Tamm).

Play DrWho Clip
Play RealAudio Clip

Here's the sensible description, Taken from and with thanks.

The Doctor and Romana arrive at a circle of standing stones in the English countryside. They meet an elderly lady professor and her companion who are involved in a study of the stones. However when two campers and the local Druid priest are all killed by one of the stones, the Doctor suspects all is not as it seems, but can he warn Romana in time?

The stone circle on Earth contains the secret of the third segment of the Key, a secret that a millennia old criminal has learned to tap to maintain her freedom.

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