Charter of Responsible Megalithic Webmasters

brgar2.jpg (12418 bytes)We, as webmasters of sites dealing with megalithic remains in the British Isles and northern Europe, would be saddened if the coverage given to megaliths on our pages led to their alteration, damage or destruction. We therefore suggest to the readers of our pages the following guidelines, to be observed when visiting any of these monuments.

Get permission to visit monuments on private land. Permission is usually granted if asked for, but repeated trespass could lead to access being denied to all of us, and prosecution of the trespasser.

Treat the countryside around the monument with care. Irresponsible behaviour on either public or private land could lead to access restrictions, or complete denial of access to the monument such as is the case at Stonehenge during midsummer.

No valuable objects are likely to exist at, in or under the monuments. Do not dig or disturb the site in any way.

Any discovery made at a monument should be reported to the local museum. Every clue that aids in the understanding of these places can then be shared by all who wish to know.

brgar4.jpg (13763 bytes)Use the monument in whatever way you choose, for

but do not move, mark or alter the monument in any way, even temporarily. This specifically includes moving or re-arranging stones, digging in or around the site, use of metal detectors, burning candles on the stones or daubing stones with paint.

Much damage is done accidentally by people who mean no harm. Think twice, and don't do anything which would cause degradation to the monument such as climbing on it or lighting fires nearby.

Through adherence to these simple guidelines we hope that the stones which have survived the countless centuries to remain to us now, will not fall victim to the generations of the 21st century. We who are the most knowledgable and capable of people are thereby mandated to be the most responsible.

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