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Nine Stone Close

Stone Circle, Derbyshire

Photo Tom Bullock

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Only four stones remain of what once was a 45-foot circle of stones. The stones are the tallest in Derbyshire, ranging from 1.2m (4 feet) to 2.1m (7 feet) in height, this tallest being located at the southern end of the circle. Prior to its re-erection in 1936, the 2.1m (7-foot) stone was measured at 3.5m (11 feet 6 inches) long. Both it and its northern partner are set in concrete. The location of the stones is a pleasant one, and is also known as the 'Grey Ladies' , so called because they are supposed to represent ladies who dance at midnight. In the background, to the SSW, rise the irregular crags of Robin Hood's Stride, up from which the major southern Moon sets. This might account for the siting of the circle.

eclip10 .jpg (8871 bytes)Tim Prevett writes: We went to see the August 1999 solar eclipse from Nine Stones Close. We had nearly completely blue sky, with high cloud as we approaced totality. We got a 93% covering of the sun. The Eclipse was a special experience. A strange surreal twilight, shown in the photos to the left and bottom. Awesome to see miles of green and hills bathed in this soft light, and a crescent sun above. Watching the news reports afterward, it is amazing that millions of humans of every race, colour and creed were awed by this; it seemed to give many a sense of a shared place in the universe. It reminded us all that we share one world; and I hope these photos communicate just a little bit of the awesome beauty of our sacred planet.

The three photos below were taken during the time of maximum covering, which lasted about 1 minute 50 seconds for us.

 eclip1.jpg (8947 bytes) eclip9.jpg (7475 bytes) eclip13.jpg (8111 bytes)

 eclip4.jpg (8361 bytes)

Access: Can be seen from the road from Elton to Alport.
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Rating: General Impression 3, Ambience 4, Access 5

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