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Stone Circle, Cumbria

Photo Tom Bullock

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This has to be one of the finest stone circles in Europe, if not the world. The mountains of the swina1.jpg (16261 bytes)Lake District provide a brilliant backdrop to its siting on artificially-levelled ground. The stones are large and closely-spaced at approximately 1.5m (5-foot) intervals. Fifty-five of an original sixty remain, with thirty-two still standing. The tallest stone in the 28.5m (93-foot 8-inch) diameter ring is a slender 2.1m (7 feet 6 inches) high pillar located almost exactly at the north point of the circle, a feature common to other circles in the Cumbrian region. In addition, there is a recognisable 2.1m (7-foot) entrance at the SE consisting of a wide gap and two portal stones just outside the perimeter of the circle. This is another feature in common with circles of the region (e.g., Long Meg and Her Daughters). Standing at the centre of the circle and looking between the two portal stones in the SE is very close to looking at the midwinter sunrise.

Access: Walk from Broad Gate. Well worth the 1km trip.
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Rating: General Impression 5, Ambience 5, Access 4


Aerial views  JJ Evendon, top photograph Tom Bullock