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St Lythans

Chambered Tomb, Glamorgan

walba1.jpg (13716 bytes)St Lythans

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walba2.jpg (10529 bytes)The Welsh name for this site is Gwal-y-Filiast, the Greyhound Bitch's Lair.

There was once a mound of earth or stones covering this Neolithic burial chamber, but only slight traces remain. Now there are three upright stones supporting a 14-foot long by 10-foot wide by 21/2-foot thick capstone, truly a remarkable feat. There are no excavation finds, but one 19th Century researcher recounted seeing bones and pottery mixed up with earth thrown out of the chamber. Traditionally, the field in which the stones stand was said to be cursed, and consequently unprofitable, and the stones themselves were believed to grant any wish whispered to them on Halloween. The capstone is said to whirl around three times on Midsummer Eve, and the same night all the stones go to bathe in the river.

Close nearby, in the same village is Tinkinswood Burial Chamber, which I don't have a picture of - do you?

Access: Easy parking with a small lay-by/passing area close by. Click here for full page map: Map (use your browser's "Back" button to come back)

Rating: General Impression 3, Ambience 3, Access 5

Personal: Text by Tom Bullock, Photos by JJ Evendon. JJ says Mind the cow pats!

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