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Pobull Fhinn

Stone Circle, North Uist

An overall view of the site
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Sipobull2.jpg (15619 bytes)tuated on the other side of the hill from Barpa Langass; you have a choice of going over the top (difficult, but probably rewarding) or round the side (easier but longer). The circle is built on an artificial platform created by digging away part of the side of the hill, and depositing the excavated earth on the lower part of the slope, thus making a (fairly) level surface. It's the sort of detail I would have missed, but when you look at the scale of the site and realise the engineering involved in building a level platform out of the side of a hill, you can't fail to be impressed. The circle itself is a pointy egg shape (technically speaking) and is about 60 feet across its longest axis (see overall view photo). It was quite overgrown with bracken when we visited - some stones were virtually hidden. There are some good-sized stones here the largest of which is about 5 feet high. It's the setting of the whole site, though, that really takes your breath away; hence the panoramic photos. The views all around were incredible. (In fact it was Aubrey Burl's description which really made us make pobull10.jpg (12067 bytes)the effort to get there - he said it had one of the loveliest settings of any circle and he was right.) The weather was actually a lot brighter than the pictures would lead you to believe - it was my timing that was at fault! We stayed there for hours and hours and had one of the most memorable visits to a circle that we've ever had. In fact we very nearly missed the ferry back, but were saved by a timely lift from some local people who got us to the dock just in time. Definitely worth the effort (a total of about 1.5 miles walk from the road) and the cost (the ferry was about œ7 return). We can't wait to go back.


pobull3.jpg (15036 bytes)Access: Situated on North Uist, near Loch Langass. We got the ferry from Leverburgh, on Harris, to Newtonferry (a.k.a. Otternish - this caused some confusion, as Caledonian Macbrayne, the ferry company, refer to it as Otternish, while all the maps we had called the place Newtonferry. when we pointed this out to one of the ferry crew, he smiled and said "Oh, so you noticed then.".) From the ferry, it was about a ten mile bus ride - the bus doesn't have a particularly strict timetable and it will usually wait until the ferry has arrived before setting off. The driver let us off near the site; there's not a bus stop as such, but most people know where things are and the best way to approach them so it's always worth asking. Situated on the other side of the hill from Barpa Langass
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Rating: General Impression 4, Ambience 4, Access 2

Text and photos on this page by and copyright of Alastair Fletcher and Jocasta Barrett

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