Watchers of the Dawn

New Watchers of the Dawn DVD by Dougie Scott

Following the success of his ebook (see below) Dougie Scott has now produced a video DVD also called "Watchers of the Dawn". This shows how ten pre-historic sites in different parts of Scotland were aligned to the rising and setting sun and moon.

This new DVD shows for the first time how the sun rises and sets in line with the stones of the circles surrounding the three cairns at Balnuaran of Clava every forty five days at the equinoxes and times which were later celebrated as the Gaelic festivals of Beltane, Lughnasa, Samhain and Bride. This culminates in the midwinter shining into the heart of the two passage cairns.

Dougie also shows how it is the sun, and not the moon that shines into the Corrimony passage cairn in early November and February, and he speculates how Gaelic folklore could be the key to help us understand what these sites were used for.

Other sites like the Ballymeanoch standing stones and cairns at Kintraw, and the Temple Wood stone circles and the Nether Largie stones are also shown aligning with the rising and setting midwinter sun and to the 2006 major standstill moon".

Running Time 67 minutes. DVD in PAL format for use in the UK, Netherlands, Australia and anywhere else that supports PAL (not USA/Canada although the PAL DVD should play on a PC anywhere).

Order Watchers of the Dawn DVD (PAL) for £11+p&p

Watchers of the Dawn ebook on CD-ROM

Watchers of the Dawn is the result of 30 years research by Douglas Scott, looking at how and why our ancient ancestors aligned standing stones and burial cairns to the sun and moon. This is a 323-page ebook and CD guide to more than 100 prehistoric sites throughout Scotland, shown in over 500 colour pictures. 83 of these show unique images of the actual rising or setting sun from cupmarked standing stones and burial cairns throughout Scotland.

'Celtic' folklore is also explored to explain how the ancient cup and ring mark rock carvings were used to contact the ancestor earth gods to ensure the fertility of the land. Cultural continuity from the Bronze Age to the Pictish period is shown in how cup and ringmarks developed into the Pictish Double Disc symbol. The book also guides you to the best times to visit these ancient sacred places so you too can have a similar experience as our ancestors had 4000 years ago.

Delivered on CD-ROM in Adobe PDF format for easy reading, suitable for all types of PC or Mac.

Order Watchers of the Dawn ebook/CD-ROM, new lower price of £10+p&p

Dougie, pictured with Alexander Thom's theodolite at Stittingham Cairn, Ardross, Easter Ross, 1995.

Dougie Scott lives in Tain, Easter-Ross and has been running his business Tain Silver for over twenty years. His Celtic jewellery has been inspired by the Book of Kells and the Book of Lindisfarne and from the great Pictish cross slabs, which are common throughout the northeast of Scotland. Although interested in astronomy and archaeology for over 40 years, in the early 1980?s he became passionate about pre-historic astronomy and rock art after visiting the Edderton stone circle with its standing stone outlier, which is also carved with Pictish symbols. Shortly after contacting Professor Alexander Thom about the site, the professor gave him his theodolite, so he could survey the orientation of the stone from the circle. Since then he has been surveying standing stone alignments and cairn and then returning to photograph the sun or moon as they rise and set in line with the stones. This has culminated in his full colour 323-page e-book CD guide and DVD, both titled "Watchers of the Dawn".

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