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Standing with Stones - Rupert Soskin and Michael Bott

An amazing film exploring the mysteries of Britain's ancient stone circles Standing with Stones on DVD. It is an exploration into the wealth of prehistoric sites in Britain and Ireland on a scale never before attempted on film. It aims to give a fresh insight into our megalithic heritage. The entire 136-minute documentary - written and presented by Rupert Soskin and produced and directed by Michael Bott - has been researched, scripted, narrated and filmed by just the two themselves, including composing all the music and creating the computer graphics.

The DVD is no longer available, however you can
rent or buy a copy for download here.

Rupert, an explorer who has led three expeditions into the jungles of northern Colombia to visit the Kogi Indians, has also studied archaeology, anthropology and evolutionary psychology. He first met documentary filmmaker Michael Bott when Michael was working with on a film called Origins of the Da Vinci Code, and another called The Man Behind the Da Vinci Code, for Channel 5 and the History Channel.

Viewer Comments:
"... it is a triumph ... I wanted to watch the whole thing through again. It is so beautiful - the images keep coming back to me. PH - Shipston-on-Stour
"... thankyou very much. It's terrific - very rich. Lots of information, great pictures - I especially liked the animated re-creations. ". BG - Cootamunda - AUS
"... put on the DVD that night, intending to watch about an hour, but my wife was so fascinated we watched the whole thing; it was excellent". NR - Coventry
"... very impressed with what I have seen, my husband who is not interested in history of any subject was amazed at what he was watching" SG - Milton Keynes

The DVD is no longer available, however you can rent or buy a copy for download here.

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