A Brief History of Stonehenge

A Brief History of Stonehenge - Aubrey Burl

Paperback, 320 pages, Robinson Publishing, 2007

This is a complete new history of the world's greatest stone circle. Britain's leading expert on stone circles turns his attention to the greatest example of them all - Stonehenge. Every aspect of Stonehenge is re-considered in Aubrey Burl's new analysis. He explains for the first time how the outlying Heel Stone long predates Stonehenge itself, serving as a trackway marker in the prehistoric Harroway. He uncovers new evidence that the Welsh bluestones were brought to Stonehenge by glaciation rather than by man. And he reveals just how far the design of Stonehenge was influenced by Breton styles and by Breton cults of the dead.

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Meticulous research from Burl sets the record straight on the matter of Stonehenge's astronomical alignments. Although the existence of a sightline to the midsummer sunrise is well known, the alignment and the viewing-position are different from popular belief. And the existence of an earlier alignment to the moon and a later one to the midwinter sunset has been largely unrealized. One almost unexplained puzzle remains. The site of Stonehenge lies at the heart of a vast six-mile wide graveyard, but before it was built there appears to have been a mysterious gap two miles across on that site. Burl argues that earlier totem-pole style constructions served a ceremonial purpose for the living - to celebrate success in the hunt.

Stonehenge: The Secret of the Solstice

Stonehenge: The Secret of the Solstice - Terence Meaden

Paperback, 176 pages, Souvenir Press, 1997

Looking at known facts of archaeology, science and ancient religion, the author explains these mysteries in terms of the universally-adored, world-renewal fertility/creation myth called the Sacred Marriage or The Marriage of the Gods; for this inspired the device by which the cosmic fertilisation of a female deity on Earth was achieved by visible revelation, the midsummer mating of the rising sun (via its radiant light) with a female standing stone (mis-named the Altar Stone at Stonehenge) inside a womb-like setting of stones.

The intention appears to have been to ensure the security and fertility of the people's world by means of a dramatic midsummer spectacle which everyone could witness and understand. The author proposes that Stonehenge is a womb-shaped temple much like the hundreds of thousands of womb-shaped Hindu temples known to as the garbha grha. At Stonehenge and other ancient British temples the effect was completed by the phallic shadow cast by an additional stone, in this case the Heel Stone.

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A Little History of Astro-Archaeology, Stages in the Transformation of a Heresy - John Michell

A Little History of Astro-Archaeology - John Michell

Paperback, 128pp. Thames and Hudson, 2001.

John Michell's acclaimed "Little History" charts the development of archaeoastronomy, illustrating the principal sites and personalities, and summing up its present state and exciting prospects for the future.

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