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A Field Guide to Megalithic Ireland CD-ROM
by Anthony Weir
Now hugely expanded, making this the most comprehensive illustrated guide to megalithic Ireland ever published in any medium. Hundreds of pages of text and many thousands of images (inclusing 1400 high-resolution 750 pixel and more) of prehistoric tombs, stone circles, standing-stones, sweathouses, cross-pillars, cross-slabs, ogam stones, bullauns and phallic pillars PLUS megaliths in France (beyond Brittany) and mediŠval exhibitionist carvings.

This CD is the result of over 30 years of research in the field by Anthony Weir, the author of "Early Ireland, a Field Guide", published by Blackstaff Press (now out of print).

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Our best-selling product. Newly updated version

Spring 2010 update: Recent additions include more dolmens in France and more sites in the Burren (Clare), Limerick and Monaghan, Antrim, Mayo an Tipperary.

Spring 2008 update: New sites listed and described, and other sites updated in every Irish county.
. Distribution maps.
. Search facility.
. Sections on "sheela-na-gigs" and Irish carved crosses
. Sections on souterrains, cashels and crannogs
. Now over 400 MB of images and text!

Anthony writes: The core of this CD is the alphabetical county-by-county gazetteer of Irish megaliths from that book, enveloped by pages which put the types of monument into context. Most Irish photo-archaeological sites concentrate on the passage-tombs of counties Meath and Sligo, and give no idea of the variety of Irish field monuments all over the island, nor of their sculptural beauty and the beauty of their locations.

At least half the pleasure of discovering Ireland's megaliths is in leaving the banalised tourist routes for a quieter, more hidden Ireland away from the coasts and the famous passage-tombs & monastic cites. Even around brash Dublin - and in the centre of Belfast - fine megaliths are to be found.

This CD is a useful and compact introduction to some of the hundreds of fine stone monuments in Ireland.

It also includes a section on some of the thousands of megaliths to be found in France to the east, north and south of well-trodden Brittany. These French pages are the by-product of travel for field-research into the origins of the Irish Sheela-na-gigs on Romanesque churches, pursued in the late nineteen-seventies and early eighties.

Anthony is also an accomplished poet, see his other publications on sale at Amazon.co.uk

He is co-author of Images of Lust: sexual carvings in medieval churches (1986, 1994, 1999).
He has also published articles in Archaeology Ireland, The County Louth Archaeological Journal, Irish Midland Studies, Mercian Mysteries, On the Edge, and The Ley Hunter.
Before publishing his Field Guide he published poetry and translations with Blackstaff Press, Belfast, and also wrote occasionally for Fortnight political magazine, and the Newsletter of Survival International. In 1994 he founded Dissident Editions which is now an entirely electronic publisher. Visit his Irish Genius  web site.

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