Standing with Stones Feature Length Documentary Tour DVD

Standing with Stones - Rupert Soskin and Michael Bott

Standing with Stones, the classic megalithic road trip by Rupert Soskin and Michael Bott is now available to view online or download for keeps. The film is an exploration into the wealth of prehistoric sites in Britain and Ireland on a scale never previously attempted on film, and aims to give a fresh insight into our megalithic past.

The entire 136-minute documentary - written and presented by Rupert Soskin and produced and directed by Michael Bott was researched, scripted, narrated and filmed between the two of them, including composing all the music and creating the computer graphics!

Watch a preview and choose the option of renting for just £3.99 or download to keep for £9.99 - just use the links on the preview screen below. (prices are subject to change)

Rupert, an explorer who has led three expeditions into the jungles of northern Colombia to visit the Kogi Indians, has also studied archaeology, anthropology and evolutionary psychology. He first met documentary filmmaker Michael Bott when Michael was working with on a film called Origins of the Da Vinci Code, and another called The Man Behind the Da Vinci Code, for Channel 5 and the History Channel.

Viewer Comments from the DVD version (no longer available):
"... it is a triumph ... I wanted to watch the whole thing through again. It is so beautiful - the images keep coming back to me. PH - Shipston-on-Stour
"... thankyou very much. It's terrific - very rich. Lots of information, great pictures - I especially liked the animated re-creations. ". BG - Cootamunda - AUS
"... put on the DVD that night, intending to watch about an hour, but my wife was so fascinated we watched the whole thing; it was excellent". NR - Coventry
"... very impressed with what I have seen, my husband who is not interested in history of any subject was amazed at what he was watching" SG - Milton Keynes

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Prehistory of the Peak District DVD

The Prehistory of the Peak District & Leek's Amazing Double Sunset - a DVD video by Byron Machin

DVD format, Worldwide. Runtime 60mins.

For the first time as a video production, this amazing documentary uncovers over 2 million years of human occupation in the spectacular region of the Peak District. Discover the awe inspiring stone monuments of a lost religion and the ancient field systems of the first farmers. Uncover a Wildwood that covered Britain, and the key human revolutions that made us what we are today. No stone is left unturned as Byron Machin uncovers the real people of Prehistoric Britain. Visit over 30 stone circles and henges; barrows and chambered tombs; settlements and forts. Includes a booklet with behind the scenes information, bibliography and locations.

Further details are here

Awaking Arthur DVD / Video

Awaking Arthur DVD or Video

Awaking Arthur is a one hour documentary film which offers a different approach to the well-known King Arthur story.

While acknowledging the usual romantic precepts of the Arthurian myths, Awaking Arthur suggests that the mythology of King Arthur is immeasurably old and emanates from the ancient customs of a prehistoric dreamtime.

"Very enjoyable, a quality production" - Andy Burnham

DVD format suitabel for Worldwide viewing

DVD £11.99+p&p

VHS Video (Special Offer price - PAL format UK/Europe only) £5.99+p&p

Awaking Arthur explores the possibilty that it was "from early man's primitive observations of the natural world that resurrecting Solar-heroes such as King Arthur gradually evolved."" The documentary encompasses the significance of ancient rituals held amongst the great Standing Stones of the Megalithic Culture and continues on into Celtic legends and their early Christian adaptions. It concludes in the present day, questioning the implications of King Arthur's prophesied return and it's relevence to our contemporary times.

Awaking Arthur was filmed at the sites which pertain to the Arthurian Legends, as well as both famous and obscure Megalithic and Bronze Age locations which include:

ENGLAND: Avebury, Glastonbury, Tintagel, Stonehenge ,Bamburgh, Madron, Bodmin Moor, Windemere, Camelford, Exmoor Forest.
SCOTLAND: Edinburgh, Eildon Hills, Iona, Isle of Lewis, Sterling.
WALES:  Forest of Dean, Snowdonia, Carleon, Bardsey Island.
IRELAND: Hill of Tara, Carrowkeel, Carrowmore.
FRANCE: Carnac, Golfe du Morbihan, Mont-St-Michel, Plouezoc'h, Chinon.

Presented by Michael MacRae. Produced in Australia by: Michael MacRae, Narrator: Robert Coleby, Soundtrack:Tribal Trance, Camera: Michael MacRae and Jacqueline Houghton, Script: Jacqueline Houghton, Graphics: Jacqueline Houghton, Post Production: Able Media

Screenshots from Awaking Arthur:

Ambient Audio CDs

Eriu's Child: Music and Song from the Land and Soul of Ireland

Eriu's Child: Music and Song from the Land and Soul of Ireland - Michael Morris

Audio CD, Stonelight, 2002

Ériu's Child, 56 minutes of ambient acoustic music from the heart and soul of Ireland by Michael Morris and Earhsong Music. "In the year of the World 3,500 AM, the poet-shaman Amhairghin Glungheal took over the island of Ireland on behalf of the Gaelic-speaking Sons of Míl from Ériu Án, Queen of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

Only £10.99+p&p 

Compositions of Stone

Compositions of Stone - Mike Simmons

Audio CD, Music from the Mountains
Mike Simmons is a melodic, ambient keyboard player. Listen to the RealAudio sample below to get the idea.
Track titles:

   1. Carnac - The Alignments
   2. The Ring of Brodgar
   3. Rollright Stones
   4. Merry Maidens
   5. Long Meg and her Daughters
   6. Castlerigg
   7. Avebury
   8. Stonehenge

Listen to an extract of Track 2: The Ring of Brodgar
Read the reviews on Mike's Web Site

Only £10.99+p&p

Kilmartin Sounds of Ancient Scotland CD

Kilmartin Sounds of Ancient Scotland CD
Using original instruments and reconstructions, this unique CD offers, for the first time, a chance to hear the sounds that would have been familiar to our forebears thousands of years ago.
More details on our Kilmartin Page

The music ranges from ringing rocks to bird-bone flutes; Bronze Age horns and drums to the extraordinary sound of the Celtic war trumpet, the carnyx (left), specially recorded for the Kilmartin Sessions in Smoo Cave.

It ends with the eerie combination of harmonic singing and Bronze Age horn, recorded in the Hamilton Mausoleum - the building with the longest reverberation in the world. It was an appropriate choice, for like the Mausoleum, this CD has its own reverberations reaching into our remotest past and our deepest sub-concious.

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