Lunar Pocket Planner 2014

This stunning Pocket Planner shows the Moon's daily phase and path so that you can follow the lunar cycle as she ebbs and flows. Being in touch with this natural cycle helps develop a deeper connection with the Moon, our planet and ourselves. Simple cycles can be followed such as starting a new project at a new Moon. We've also included the planets and meteor showers to look out for each month.

Gardeners can benefit by being aware of the Moon's cycles and so the most favourable time to plant and harvest different vegetables. However this is not a full Gardening by the Moon diary and does not include information on what to plant each day.

With articles about:

  • The Moon's Ebb and flow
  • Eclipses in 2014
  • The Pagan Seasonal Cycle
  • Meteor Showers
  • Planting by the Moon Basics


  • Moon's daily phase
  • Moon's path - ascending or descending
  • Moon's sign and time she moves into the next sign
  • Full and new Moon dates, time and astrological sign
  • Keywords for full/new Moon and the astrological sign
  • What to look out for in the night sky that month
  • Moon/Sun set/rise times
  • Eclipses
  • Solar festivals
  • GMT

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