Moon and Stones Astrological Calendar for 2014

Featuring the megaliths of Avebury

Beautiful 2014 calendar with top quality paper and print featuring the ancient sites of Avebury, a different image for each month. The main calendar is in a unique circular design with space to write your appointments, and to plan according to the Moon's phase and planetary movements. It also features lovely illustrations of the phases of the moon and astrological symbols.

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"I received the calender today... WOW!" - Tom, Surrey

With information about:

  • an astrological forecast
  • what can be seen in the night sky
  • Sun/Moon rise and set times
  • the Moon's daily phase and sign
  • the planetary sign changes
  • eclipses, retrograde and direct planets
  • zodiac constellations and Pagan fire festivals
  • daily aspects listed
  • full ephemeris
  • Moon void of course tables

And much much more within!
Size 30.5 x 30.5cm, double page per month design
Recommended by Jonathan Cainer. All times are in GMT

Sorry, sold out

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