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Astronomy in Prehistoric Britain and Ireland - Clive Ruggles
Hardcover - 288 pages (June 1999) Yale
Very readable and in-depth guide to archaeoastronomy in the British Isles
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Programming the Perl DBI - Alligator Descartes, Tim Bunce

Paperback - 350 pages February 2000
O'Reilly & Associates
Bestselling guide to creating database-driven web sites like Alligator's own.
Review to follow soon...
Scotland's Hidden History
Ian Armit in association with Historic Scotland

Published 1999, 112 illus. Hardback
A profusely illustrated introduction to Scotland's spectacular archaeology.
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Stonehenge and Timber Circles - Alex Gibson
2000, 160pp 126illus. Paperback
A pioneering work, introducing the reader to prehistoric timber circles and their influence on Stonehenge.
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Sue Aston – Sacred Landscapes
CD, Genius Loci Music 1999
16 varied tracks of solo violin in various styles
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Circles of Stone - Max Milligan, Aubrey Burl
Hardcover - 224 pages October 1999  Harvill Press
The beginnings of the circles of stone in Britain and Ireland, their development and gradual end are all explored in this guide, which combines the amazing photography of Max Milligan with Burl's expert text.
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My interview with Max Milligan, photographer with a painter's eye.
Unravelling the landscape: an inquisitive approach to archaeology -
Mark Bowden (ed.)

in association with the RCHME (now English Heritage)
240pp 122 illus. (22 col.) Paperback
The book shows how a range of surveying techniques can be applied to recording, analysis and research.
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The Early Barrow Diggers –
Barry M Marsden

176pp 100 illus. (25col.) Hardback

From the early eighteenth century squires and parsons indulged in the field sport of Barrow digging, plundering the graves of their prehistoric ancestors in search of decorative relics. But Barry Marsden also highlights the careers and methods of the more enlightened diggers, from William Stukeley in the 1720s to the painstaking work of Lt. General Pitt Rivers in the 1980s.
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Secrets of the Avebury stones: Britain's greatest Megalithic temple -
Terence Meaden

224pp, pbk, Souvenir Press, July 1999
An engaging argument for carved heads at Avebury and Stonehenge.
As seen on BBC News.
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new3.gif (246 bytes) Great Stone Circles - Aubrey Burl
Hardcover - 224 pages March 1999 (now released at last!) Yale University Press
All the best known sites, analysed with Dr Burl's in-depth knowledge. Superb.
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The Kilmartin Sessions, The sounds of ancient Scotland - Kilmartin House Trust
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