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Spirits Of The Stones

Spirits Of The Stones, Alan Richardson

Paperback, 232 x 155mm, 281 pages, 2001 Virgin Books; ISBN: 0753504146

A brand new book from last year that you might not have heard of. Whatever their original purpose, places such as Avebury, Newgrange, Callinish and Stonehenge are increasingly being recognised as sites of spiritual significance, and reports of psychic phenomena at these ancient sites are increasing. In this book, Alan Richardson has brought together a collection of astounding experiences from a cross section of people including leading mediums, psychics, shamans and druids - as well as ordinary day-trippers - and found remarkable coincidences.

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Earth Mysteries - Philip Heselton

Earth Mysteries - Philip Heselton

Paperback - 112 large pages, 11 November, 1995, Element Books
ISBN: 1852307145

It offers advice on interpreting the legends and folklore of places, and encourages readers to further their own quest for wholeness and fulfilment. The topics covered include the role of earth energy, dowsing and geomancy, ritual routes and sacred sites, poetic geography, and holy wells, labyrinths and stone circles. The author has written widely on the earth spirit and related topics.

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The truly up-to- date, cross-referenced work the subject area has needed for a long time. With around 130 entries, some of them major essays in their own right, and 109,000 words, this is the most informed and authoritative book on the subject you can get. It sifts the wheat from the chaff. Topics include: Acoustics, Anasazi, Archaeoastronomy, Archaeology, Ark of the Covenant, Arthur, Astronauts (Ancient), Atlantis, Aztecs, Ballochroy, Bicameral Mind, Blue Stones, Bog Bodies, Borobodur, Bronze Age, Cahokia, Carnac, Casa Grande, Celts, Chaco Canyon, Chartres, Chavin de Huantar, Cognitive Archaeology, Corpse Lights, Correspondences, Cosmic Axis, Crop Circles, Cursus, Cuzco, Death Roads, Delphi, Divination, Dowsing, Dragon, Dragon Project, Dreamtime, Druids, Earth Lights, Easter Island, Effigy Mounds, Eleusis, Energies, Entoptic Patterns, Externsteine, Fairies, Feng Shui, Fly Agaric, Flying saucer, Folklore, Four Directions, Gaia Theory, Gavrinis, Geomancy, Geometry, Goddess, Grail, Hallucinogens, Hill Figures, Henge, Hollow Earth, Hopewell Indians, Hopi, Hovenweep, Ice Man, Iron Age, Jerusalem, Keyhole Tombs, Kivas, Labyrinths, Leys/Leylines, Liminality , Loughcrew, Malta, Maya, Maypole, Mecca, Mu, Mithras, Mythic Geography, Nazca Lines, Neolithic, Newgrange, Ogham, Olmec, Omphalos, Oracles, Paganism, Palaeolithic, Pilgrimage, Planetary Grids, Psychic Archaeology, Pyramids, Quetzalcoatl, Rock Art, Sacred Place, St. Michael Line, Seidhr, Shaman, Shamanic Landscapes, Sibyls, Simulacra, Sitting Out, Songlines, Sphinx, Spirit Traps, Spirit Ways, Stonehenge, Sweeping, Systems Theory, Teotihuacan, Terrestrial Zodiacs, Theosophy, Tiahuanaco, Trance, UFOs, Vampires, Varanasi, Vision Quest, Werewolf, World Navel, Wupatki, Wyrd, Xochipilli, Yew, Yggdrasil, Ziggurat, Zuni.
Large format hardback, 192 pages ( 9 March, 2000) Ward Lock
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powersm.jpg (5394 bytes)Places of Power - Paul Devereux
A new edition of the only book in the English language, focusing solely on the question of anomalous energies at ancient sacred sites. Not empty New Age speculation and beliefs, but solidly research based, with a gazetteer of British sites where energy effects such as unusual magnetism can be measured. In addition, the subject is given a full context in folklore and modern anecdote, with implications and patterns teased out of the data. The only place where you will find a record of the physical monitoring work of the Dragon Project - the research effort created to look specifically at the question of energy effects at ancient monuments. Extensively illustrated with line drawings and b&w
Paperback - 224 pages (March 1999)
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The New Ley Hunter's Guide - Paul Devereux
Paperback - 162 pages (April 1994) Gothic Image Publications
Good book that brings to light new theorys on Ley lines. This book provides all that a person needs to become involved in the almost forgotten pastime of ley hunting. It also outlines the history of this surprisingly scientific hobby, and gives a new way to look at these enigmatic features that can be found all over the world.
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0749920351.gif (7030 bytes)The Piatkus Guide to Earth Mysteries - Paul Devereux
A concise, easy read, bringing the whole subject area up to date. Of special value to newcomers to the earth mysteries field, but even some old hands will find points of interest in it. The Guide also contains practical exercises in such things as experiencing the spirit of place. Paperback - 151 pages, 11 November, 1999, Piatkus Books
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Mysterious Britain - Janet and Colin Bord
Secret Country - Janet and Colin Bord

Earth Rites - Janet and Colin Bord

A triumvirate of classic 'word and picture' books on ancient and sacred sites all over Britain along with their folklore and legends

Dictionary of Earth Mysteries - Janet & Colin Bord
Paperback, Published by Thorsons Pub, Publication date: May 1, 1996
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Earth memory - Paul Devereux
A serious attempt to sythesise the disparate strands of earth mysteries research into a coherent holistic discipline. A definitive book

Pi in the sky - Michael Poynder
This book delves into the mysteries of mathematics, physics, archaeology and cosmology to reveal the wealth of ancient wisdom once available to our distant Celtic ancestors. The evidence for this tradition can be seen today at numerous sites such as Newgrange and Carrowkeel and is also depicted in countless artefects such as the Tara Brooch and Derrynaflan Chalice. Over the last 2000 years we have lost our connectedness with nature and Pi in the sky provides a starting point for the growing number of people seeking to rediscover the ancient wisdom for the religious, humanist and sceptic alike. 206 pages, 170 colour plates, b/w photos, line drawings, maps, illustrations.

Books on Druidry

The Druid Renaissance - Philip Carr-Gomm

The Druid tradition is experiencing a revival that is unprecedented in its long history. This collection is from Druid chiefs in Britain, France and America and many other mystics, healers..etc.

Philip Carr-Gomm is a leader of the order of Bards, Ovates & Druids Publisher: Thorsons.

Paperback. 301pp. 13cm by 21cm.

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Books on Shamanism

Entering The Circle

Entering The Circle - Ancient Secrets of Siberian Wisdom Discovered by a Russian Psychiatrist - Olga Kharitidi

Olga Kharitidi's riveting account of her soul-altering journey into the mysterious realm of Siberian shamanism opens a treasure chest of spiritual wisdom and offers readers an ancient tradition's riches--powerful teachings on consciousness, life and death, and the true potential of the human mind.

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Songs of the Shaman

Songs of the Shaman
By Boudewijn Walraven

216 x 138mm, Hardback, 315 pages

The First book in English devoted to the study of Korean Shaman songs.

BOUDEWIJN WALRAVEN is Senior Lecturer in Korean Studies, University of Leiden

Only 7.99 each+p&p  Published Price: 65/$110!

The Avalonians

The Avalonians - Patrick Benham

Paperback, 286pp. Gothic Image pb 1993
Lives and times of a most unusual and influential group of people who were drawn to Glastonbury early in the 20th Century, and became involved in a series of strange events. The interlaced stories include geomancer Frederick Bligh Bond, medium Wellesley Tudor Pole (founder of the Chalice Well Trust) and famous occultist 'Dion Fortune' [Violet Firth].

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Electric UFOs

Electric UFOs
Albert Budden

Blandford  1998  286 Pages 
Paperback    ISBN: 0713726857   

describes pollution by electro-magnetic waves which affect people's health, both mental and physical, and shows that electromagnetic effects are the true explanation for UFO sightings, aliens and abductions. There are also case studies.

Only 3.49 each+p&p Published Price 9.99 - a saving of 65%

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