Fogou by Jo May

Fogou - A journey into the underworld, Jo May

Paperback, 130pp. Gothic Image, 1996.
Beyond the walls of the old house and buried in a tangled mound of short tufted shrubs and undergrowth, is the mouth of a cave or fogou as it is known in Cornish. The entrance, lipped with pillars of granite, nestles between two mossy banks, sucking life into its womb. You feel drawn in.

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Paul Devereux, Re-Visioning The Earth

Paul Devereux, Re-Visioning The Earth

Paperback, 308 pages, 1996
"Heal the Earth" is a common call today. Devereaux points out that it is humans who have to be healed, because it is humans who are doing the damage to the Earth. He advocates that we get in touch with the power and energy of nature to balance ourselves and be in tune with our natural environment.

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Secrets of Sacred Space

Secrets of Sacred Space - Chuck Pettis

Publisher: Llewellyn, 1999 Paperback, 288 pages

Secrets of Sacred Space is an informative guide to understanding and creating sacred places of power for meditation, renewal, and connection with the earth.

Chuck Pettis comprehends the sacred and powerful design principles of ancient sites . He has learned to communicate with the spiritual essence of a site. He will teach you to discover how ley lines, water lines, and power centers define a sacred space.  Chuck Pettis has designed and built sacred places since 1970.

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Lost Civilisations of the Stone Age

Lost Civilisations of the Stone Age - Richard Rudgley

Publisher: Arrow, 1999, Paperback
Bringing together for the first time disparate evidence from the fields of archaeology, ancient history and anthropology, the author shows the achievements, inventions and discoveries of prehistoric times have all but been edited out of popular accounts of the human story.

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Rudgley, Richard - Secrets of the Stone Age

196pp, UKP18.99, Century, hbk, Jan 2000, ISBN 0 7126 8452 2

Shamanism and the Mystery lines: Ley Lines, Spirit Paths, Shape-Shifting & Out-Of-Body Travel - Paul Devereux
The new phase of ley research. The book that fully introduced the concept of leys as spirit paths and the idea that straight landscape lines might be the ancient symbolic representations of the out-of-body trance flights of shamans. Essential reading
Paperback, 240 pages,  Published by Llewellyn Publications, Publication date: April 1, 1993, Dimensions (in inches): 9.01 x 6.03 x .58
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Symbolic landscapes - Paul Devereux
The Dreamtime earth - mythologising the landscape with particular reference to the Avebury complex. Ground-breaking stuff
Paperback - 224 pages (July 1992) Gothic Image Publications
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 Ley Lines

LEY LINES: A comprehensive guide to alignments - Danny Sullivan

224 pages, 216 x 135 mm, 8 b&w plates, 80 lines drawings, Hardback

Providing an introduction to the phenomenon of the alignment of ancient sites, this text examines the discovery of ley lines in the 1920s by Alfred Watkins, and looks at the theories and developments. An illustrated directory of 50 leys helps the reader in identifying the lines.


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The Modern Antiquarian - Julian Cope
Hardcover - 448 pages ( 5 October, 1998) Thorsons
Order from Julian Cope writes: I decided to write The Modern Antiquarian because there was no definitive guidebook of Megalithic Britain. And in doing so, I gradually discovered that this most shadowy side of our culture is truly still Unknown by all but the most intrepid scholars, such as Aubrey Burl, Paul Devereux and John Michell. When I visited certain obscure jccover.gif (18492 bytes)megalithic temples, the most recent published photographs would often be from the 1930s, occasionally the 1900s, and in the case of one cromlech in Wales, 1893! People are numbed by the city and I have prepared 250 megalithic temples for them to visit, dividing Britain into seven different sections in a book designed to be extremely practical, extremely useful and a time-bomb: for it is this gazetteer which is the secret weapon of the whole book. It is relentlessly thorough. I followed any tips, clues, snippets of information, visiting sites when they were long destroyed or had had a church built on top of them, just to understand their orientation and their relationship with the immediate landscape, travelling abroad to megalithic Sweden, Holland, Greece, Portugal, Brittany and pre-Columbus America in order to get a true overview of our Hyperborean islands.

I have been to each temple (stone circle, chambered cairn, cromlech, etc.) and written about the specific place of the temple, its environment, and the relationship of these new agriculturists to their Mother Earth. I also warn of its dangers; farm dogs to look out for, feisty farmers, peat bogs, in a manner that places the book right now. Written on site, I have poems, thoughts, true Visions, fantasies, but also peace and a sense of discovery.jc2.gif (24473 bytes)

The Modern Antiquarian is a pre-Millennial trawl around Megalithic Britain, to the first temples built in these islands, in order to shine a light into the shadowy areas of a modern island people who have been hoodwinked into believing that their real culture began with the Roman Conquest. The Modern Antiquarian is meant to be an extraordinarily hopeful book for the culturally dispossessed; and a gift to the Britain of the new Millennium. Not the Roman-Saxon-Danish-Norman of Daniel Defoe's time, but a hopeful reconciler for the White, the Black, and the Green! It is written to set a standard as a guidebook. But it is also a Dreambook.

Reader's comments:jc3.gif (10933 bytes)
A good guide, but very dodgy scholarship

As a guide to where to find ancient monuments this is very good, and I'll certainly be using it to give some targets on my walking trips. I like the look and feel of the book a lot; it's well organised, and it's nice to read his notes on each monument - they communicate his enthusiasm and encourage me to get out and find these places, as do the pictures.

If you're looking for a scholarly, reliable guide to ancient British monuments, don't buy this book. If you're looking for a personal, entertaining interpretation of these sites, which will encourage you to get out there, get this book and take it with a large pinch of salt. I'm glad I've got it though.

The Living Goddesses

The Living Goddesses - Marija A.E Gimbutas
Edited and supplemented by Miriam R. Dexter

Publisher: University of California Press, 1999
Hardcover , 290 pages  ISBN: 0520213939

Before her death from cancer in 1994, the pioneering archeologist Marija Gimbutas had nearly completed this book, a distillation of her life's work. This final work illuminates the continuity between scores of religious symbols from the cultural flowering of Neolithic Old Europe in the fifth millennium B.C. to European folk cultures of the modern era...

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Neanderthal - Douglas Palmer

foreword by Chris Stringer

a fascinating and definitive examination of one of the greatest mysteries of evolution. Who were the Neanderthals? How did they live? And why did they die out nearly 30,000 years ago?

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Cave Painting Childrens Book

The Cave Painter of Lascaux
Roberta Angeletti

British Museum  1999  32 Pages Fully illustrated. 12" x 9". 32pp. Colour.  Hardback  ISBN: 0714121592

A large format hardback children book from the British Museum Press.  Anna meets a strange character in the caves of Lascaux distant past - one of the Stone Age people who made the marvellous paintings on the cave walls.

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The Bronze Age Computer Disc - Alan Butler, Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas
Hardcover - 192 pages (30 September, 1998), Quantum;
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Old Stones at the Land's End - John Michell
Paperback - 150 pages (30 June, 1998), Gothic Image Publications;
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Stone Circles: A Modern Builder's Guide to the Megalithic Revival -  Rob Roy
Paperback, 1999, Chelsea Green Publishing Company VT USA.
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0140195408.gif (15990 bytes)The Long Trip : A Prehistory of Psychedelia - Paul Devereux
A wide variety of psychedelics, primarily plants and mushrooms, have been used consistently by human societies for ritual purposes for centuries. This illuminating book presents a pioneering study of the uses of psychedelic drugs, from ancient times to the present.
Paperback, 256 pages, Published by Penguin USA (Paper), Publication date: August 1, 1997, Dimensions (in inches): 8.02 x 5.37 x .84
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Earth Memory : Sacred Sites, Doorways into Earth's Mysteries - Paul Devereux
Paperback, 320 pages, Published by Llewellyn Publications, Publication date: May 1992, Dimensions (in inches): 9.08 x 6.09 x   .80
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The Avebury cycle - Michael Dames
Visionary theory as to the function and use of ancient sites in the Avebury complex
Paperback, Published by Thames & Hudson, Publication date: June 1, 1996, Dimensions (in inches): 9.41 x 6.23 x .70
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The Silbury treasure - Michael Dames
The great goddess rediscovered at Avebury

powersm.jpg (5394 bytes)Places of Power - Paul Devereux
A new edition of the only book in the English language, focusing solely on the question of anomalous energies at ancient sacred sites. Not empty New Age speculation and beliefs, but solidly research based, with a gazetteer of British sites where energy effects such as unusual magnetism can be measured. In addition, the subject is given a full context in folklore and modern anecdote, with implications and patterns teased out of the data. The only place where you will find a record of the physical monitoring work of the Dragon Project - the research effort created to look specifically at the question of energy effects at ancient monuments. Extensively illustrated with line drawings and b&w
Paperback - 224 pages (March 1999)
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Earthmind : Communicating With the Living World of Gaia - Paul Devereux, John Steele, David Kubrin
Reprint Edition, Paperback, 235 pages, Published by Inner Traditions Intl Ltd, Publication date: May 1992, Dimensions (in inches): 8.95 x 6.06 x .66
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America's Ancient Stone Relics, Vermont's Link to Bronze Age Mariners - Warren Dexter and Donna Martin
Academy Books, Rutland, VT 1995 
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