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ruggless.jpg (3866 bytes) Astronomy in Prehistoric Britain and Ireland - Clive Ruggles
Hardcover - 288 pages (June 1999) Yale
Very readable and in-depth guide to archaeoastronomy in the British Isles
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Stonehenge: Neolithic Man and The Cosmos
John North

This book combines meticulous attention to the latest archaeological surveys with a profound knowledge of the heavens as they were many millennia ago to establish the function of the stones on Salisbury Plain and what we can know of the religion that caused the to be erected.
Publisher: Harper Collins.
Paperback. 609pp. 16cm by 23cm. ISBN 0002558505.

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Stonehenge - Robin Heath

Stonehenge - Robin Heath

64 pages. Softback. 125 x 155 mm. All Recycled. Wooden Books

Eclipses, sacred geometry, ancient culture and stunning engravings are packed into this beautifully produced, 100% recycled small volume. Robin Heath has a unique   viewpoint on the subject - we saw him give a fascinating talk and demonstration to the Ley Hunter Moot.

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Ancient Astronomy

  Astronomy before the Telescope
Editor: Christopher Walker

Publisher: British Museum  1999  352 Pages  Illustrations: 20 colour, 120 b&w. 10" x 8". Hardback. ISBN: 0714127337

The achievements of European astronomers from prehistoric times to the Renaissance are linked with those of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, India and the Islamic world. A comprehensive and authoritative survey of world astronomy before the invention of the telescope in AD 1609. The book looks at instruments used, observations made and the effect of developments in mathematics and measurement.

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The Secret Language of the Stars and Planets : A Visual Key to the Heavens - by Geoffrey Cornelius, Paul Devereux
In this stunning guide--the first illustrated book of its kind--science, mysticism, and ancient beliefs intertwine to explore the conundrums of the cosmos. Drawing from astronomy, astrology, archaeology, and the occult, The Secret Language of the Stars and Planets delves into the celestial enigmas that have beguiled laypeople and scientists for centuries. 175 color photos. 70 color illustrations.
The Science of the Skies By Giles Sparrow
The Grand Design By Geoffrey Cornelius
Correspondences By Geoffrey Cornelius
Visual Directory: Sun, Moon and Planets By Geoffrey Cornelius
Visual Directory: Constellations By Geoffrey Cornelius
Sacred Alignments By Paul Devereux
Paperback, 176 pages, Published by Chronicle Books, Publication date: June 1, 1996, Dimensions (in inches): 9.27 x 8.52 x .55
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The megalith builders - Euan Mackie
Megalithic architecture and astronomy and an argument for the introduction of megalithic science to the British Isles from abroad

Prehistoric Astronomy and Ritual - Aubrey Burl
Paperback - 56 pages (March 1983), Shire Publications Ltd;
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Megalithic sites in Britain - A Thom
The book that introduced the Megafithic Yard and archaeoastronomy to the archaeological world. Excellent. Borrow it from the library.

Martin Brennan - The Stones of Time: Calendars, Sundials and Stone Chambers of Ancient Ireland
Inner Traditions International, Rochester, Vermont, 1994.
Reprint of The Stars and The Stones , Thames and Hudson, London, 1983.
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Science and society in prehistoric Britain - Euan Mackie
Post-Thom study of megalithic monument design and ancient astronomy

Sun, moon and standing stones - John Edwin Wood
Archaeoastronomy with much mathematical detail. Pretty definitive

Megaliths, myths and men - Peter Lancaster Brown
An introduction to astro-archaeology (as it was called then)

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