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Published as a Tribute to Dr Aubrey Burl:

Prehistoric Ritual and Religion 
Alex Gibson (Editor), Derek Simpson (Editor)

Paperback - 242 pages new edition (20 August, 1998)
Sutton Publishing; ISBN: 0750915986

The book concentrates first on monumental remains such as stone circles, passage graves, timber circles, palisaded sites and henge monuments. These structures indicate the richness and emotive power of prehistoric architecture, and they are among the most conspicuous signs of early human society to survive in substantial numbers in the present landscape...

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Eighteen essays to celebrate the 70th birthday of everyone's favourite prehistorian, Aubrey Burl. Including contibutions from most of the notable academics in this field: Stone circles and passage graves - a contested relationship (Richard Bradley); Colour in prehistoric architecture (Frances Lynch); Monuments in the landscape: thoughts from the Peak (John Barnatt); Points of exchange: the later Neolithic monuments of the Morbihan (Andrew Sherratt); Radiocarbon dates for settlements, tombs and ceremonial sites with grooved ware in Scotland (Patrick Ashmore & Ann McSween); Ritual astronomy in the Neolithic and Bronze age British Isles (Clive Ruggles).
Hardcover, 256 pages, Published by Alan Sutton, Publication date: April 1998
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The stations of the sun - Ronald Hutton
A scholarly study of the ritual year in Britain from the surviving documentary evidence

Rites of the gods - Aubrey Burl
Informed speculation on prehistoric ritual and religion in connection with ancient monuments in Europe

1857025733_m.gif (15263 bytes)The Prehistory of Sex - Tim Taylor
Paperback - 368 pages ( 4 September, 1997), Fourth Estate
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Shamanism - archaic techniques of ecstasy - Mercia Eliade
The definitive work on ancient shamanism

The Living Goddesses

The Living Goddesses - Marija A.E Gimbutas
Edited and supplemented by Miriam R. Dexter

Publisher: University of California Press, 1999
Hardcover , 290 pages  ISBN: 0520213939

Before her death from cancer in 1994, the pioneering archeologist Marija Gimbutas had nearly completed this book, a distillation of her life's work. This final work illuminates the continuity between scores of religious symbols from the cultural flowering of Neolithic Old Europe in the fifth millennium B.C. to European folk cultures of the modern era...

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0062512439_m.gif (8498 bytes)The Language of the Goddess - Marija Gimbutas, Joseph Campbell Paperback - 416 pages (May 1995)
Harper San Francisco
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Age of the Great Goddess - Marija Gimbutas
Audio Cassette (December 1992)
Sounds True
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The Civilization of the Goddess - Marija Gimbutas
Paperback - 544 pages (1994) Thorsons
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The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe - Marija Gimbutas
Paperback - 304 pages ( 8 March, 1982)
Thames and Hudson
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tncerne.gif (881 bytes)The pagan religions of the ancient British Isles - Ronald Hutton
An examination of the documentary evidence for a goddess-centred prehistoric religion with surprising conclusions. Also the first real attempt by academe to confront earth mysteries seriously
Blackwell,  Oxford, 1995.
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Lost Gods of Albion : The Chalk Hill-Figures of Britain -
Paul Newman

Hardcover, 224 pages, Published by Alan Sutton, Publication date: April 1998, Dimensions (in inches): 0.90 x 9.97 x 7.10
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new3.gif (246 bytes) Holy wells of Bath & Bristol region - Phil Quinn
246pp, Logaston Press, 1999, Monuments in the landscape series, vol 6, pbk
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