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The Pictish Guide

The Pictish Guide
Elizabeth Sutherland, Tony Gray (Photographer)

Paperback - 160 pages (April 1997)
Publisher: Birlinn  ISBN: 1874744661

This guide to the Picts covers all known Pictish stones. It incorporates the latest discoveries, along with a full listing of symbols and their possible meaning, a complete gazetteer, and location maps with ordnance survey grid references. The Picts were a Dark Age warrior race which ruled Scotland for 500 years. They left a legacy of carved stones, still to be found throughout the country in churchyards, museums and private collections. This book lists all known stones - some 630 examples - whether complete or fragmentary, pagan or Christian, and those lost to us now. Descriptions are given of the three classes of stone. Elizabeth Sutherland is the author of "In Search of the Picts"

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The Picts and Their Symbols

The Picts and Their Symbols 
W. A. Cummins

Hardcover - 218 pages (23 August, 1999)
Sutton Publishing; ISBN: 0750922079

The Pictish symbols, to be seen clearly on all the standing stones, monuments and Pictish objects that have survived, remain an enigma. In this book, W.A. Cummings tackles the task of interpreting the symbols.

Only £8.99 each+p&p  Published Price: £20.00 - a saving of over 50%


temscotland.jpg (4780 bytes)Scotland's Hidden History
Ian Armit in association with Historic Scotland
Published 1998, Tempus 176pp 112 illus. (25 col.) Hardback
A profusely illustrated introduction to Scotland's spectacular archaeology.
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0713475315_m.gif (16092 bytes)Neolithic and Bronze Age Scotland - P.J. Ashmore
Paperback - 128 pages ( 8 August, 1996), Batsford; ISBN: 0713475315
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 Mysterious Scotland - Michael Balfour
Hardcover - 160 pages (April 1997) Mainstream Publishing
This excellent book provides an introduction to the hidden history of Scotland. Michael Balfour has roamed around Scotland exploring standing stones, mermaid beaches and magic springs, seeking out new theories about prehistoric, Celtic and Pictish stones, carvings, tombs and brochs.
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0192880020_m.gif (10373 bytes) Scotland: an Oxford Archaeological Guide - Anna Ritchie, Graham Ritchie
Paperback - 268 pages (19 February, 1998)
Oxford Paperbacks
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Scotland Bc : An Introduction to the Prehistoric Houses, Tombs, Ceremonial Monuments, and Fortifications in the Care of the Secretary of State for Scotland - by Anna Ritchie
Paperback, Published by The Stationery Office, Publication date: June 1988
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 The Early Prehistory of Scotland - Tom Pollard, Alex Morrison
Hardcover - 360 pages (January 1996), Edinburgh University Press;
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Kilmartin a guide to Scotland's richest prehistoric landscape - Rachel Butter
112pp, pbk, Kilmartin House Trust, 1999,
ISBN 0953367401


Sutherland - An Archaeological Guide
Robert Gourlay

Publisher: Birlinn  1996  105 Pages 
Paperback     ISBN: 1874744440
A combination of guidebook, history and gazetteer of the historic sites and monuments of Sutherland. The history ranges from the Ice Age to the coming of the Picts. Maps, illus, b&w photos.

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0713480009_m.gif (15583 bytes)Historic Scotland: Ancient Shetland - Val Turner
Paperback - 128 pages (April 1998) Batsford|
Covers Shetland from Mesolithic to Viking times. An up-to-date review of  archaeology of ancient Shetland. Includes reconstruction drawings of buildings such as the Broch of Mousa, pictured on the cover.
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A Guide to Prehistoric and Viking Shetland - Noel Fojut
Paperback - 136 pages (22 April, 1994), The Shetland Times;
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Prehistoric Orkney - Anna Ritchie
Paperback - 128 pages (30 April, 1995), Batsford;
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Tomb of the Eagles : Window on Stone Age Tribal Britain - John W. Hedges
Paperback (August 1992)
Tempvs Reparatvm
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Neolithic Orkney in its European context - Anna Ritchie (ed)
McDonald Institute for Archaeological Reserch, January 2000,
ISBN 190293704X


Martin Brennan - The Stones of Time: Calendars, Sundials and Stone Chambers of Ancient Ireland
Inner Traditions International, Rochester, Vermont, 1994.
Reprint of The Stars and The Stones , Thames and Hudson, London, 1983.
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Exploring Newgrange-  Liam MacUistin
104pp, 18 ill,  O'Brien Press, July 1999
Older than the Egyptian pyramids, older than Stonehenge, older than the tombs of Mycenae, for 5,000 years the ancient megalithic tomb at Newgrange in County Meath has housed the remains of Stone Age 'aristocracy', sheltering the spirits of the long dead from the outside world. This book explores the creation, building and discovery of Newgrange. Why did these people spend years building this tomb? How did they move huge boulder miles across hilly country and erect them at the site, without the aid of machinery? What do the many symbols inscribed on these stones mean? Modern archaeological techniques have revealed much about the lives of our Stone Age ancestors, but Newgrange still retains many of its secrets. Exploring Newgrange uncovers, in words and illustrations, the extent, and limitations, of our knowledge of this worldfamous site.

Liam Mac Uistin is a well-known author and playwright. His versions of ancient Irish stories and legends have been published in the Irish language by An Gúm.  His television play The Glory and the Dream won the Radio Telefís Eireann award. Liam Mac Uistin is the author of The Táin, (O'Brien Press) a hugely popular book for the young reader on this great Celtic epic.
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Newgrange - Michael J. O'Kelly, Claire O'Kelly
Paperback - 232 pages ( 1 October, 1998), Thames and Hudson;
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Michael J. O'Kelly - Newgrange: Archaeology, Art and Legend
Thames and Hudson, London, 1982.
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Stone Circles in Ireland - Sean O'Nuallain
Paperback - 48 pages (July 1995) Town House and Country House
A book about somewhere else in Ireland than Newgrange - Hoorah!
Not expensive
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Irish prehistory: a social perspective - Gabriel Cooney & Eoin Grogan
266pp, 2nd revised ed, pbk, Wordwell, September 1999
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