Programming the Perl DBI - Alligator Descartes, Tim Bunce
Paperback - 350 pages (February 2000) O'Reilly & Associates
The actual review will be posted soon, but I know it deserves Book of the Month.

A bestselling guide to creating database-driven web sites like Alligator's own and the Megalith Map

If you know what all this is about you'll already know what a great book this is. If you don't,  about interfacing live databases of things to web sites using Perl, automatically generating the web pages as you go rather than hand-coding them all. Obviously something that interests me. I'm looking forward to reading it, and following the examples of how he programmed his web guide to Pictish Symbol Stones.

Rave reviews, except for someone who says it's a beginners' book (what's wrong with that anyhow!) and "a forum for one of the authors to get on a soap box and ramble about his pet cause (which, incidentally, has zero to do with programming the Perl DBI)." What's that I wonder. Mmm - guilty as charged? :-) It's written in an easy to understand style and explains database access and SQL well but it's not a   book for Perl beginners. For this you want Learning Perl, and some perseverence.
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