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Roman Britain

Roman Britain - T.W. Potter, Catherine Johns

Paperback, 248 pages, British Museum Press, 2002

Relying on the most recent archaeological evidence as well as on ancient artifacts, T.W. Potter and Catherine Johns assess the impact of the Roman invasion of A.D. 43 to provide a complete picture of Roman Britain. In the context of Britain's place in the empire as a whole, they survey the effect of Romanization in town and country, in the arts, architecture, and religion.

The authors, both curators of the Romano-British collection of the British Museum, have an unrivalled, day-to-day familiarity with the material evidence, including such notable discoveries as the Thetford and Snettisham treasures, the Vindolanda tablets, and the unique building facade from Meonstoke, which only came to light in 1989. The rich silverware, jewelry, and mosaics, as well as more utilitarian objects are discussed in detail.

Providing the general reader with an up-to-date synthesis of this important period, the book also offers new contributions to long-standing problems that will interest scholars. Like the other volumes in this series, it contains a comprehensive bibliography and gazeteer for those planning to visit Romano-British sites.

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Art and Society in Roman Britain

Art and Society in Roman Britain - Jennifer Laing

Hardback, 188 pages, Sutton Publishing Ltd

Fully illustrated, this book is the ideal introduction to Roman-British art, including mosaics, sculpture and architecture. The author discusses art patrons and craftsmen, the close relationship between the political and conomic history of the province and its art, and how Roman art responded rapidly to diverse influences.

Jennifer Laing is a former research fellow in art history and tutor in Roman archaeology at the University of Liverpool. She is co-author with Lloyd Laing of Early English Art and Architecture, and The Picts and the Scots.

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The Later Roman Empire

The Later Roman Empire - Richard Reece

Paperback, 192 Pages, Tempus, 2007

This analysis of the changes - especially those in the visual arts - which occurred between AD 150 and 600, and led into the medieval world has been widely hailed as a masterpiece: 'Books by Richard Reece are typically individual, opinionated and insightful; and this is no exception.' - "British Archaeology". 'Richard Reece's writing is always stimulating; this book will appeal to both specialists and enthusiasts.' - "Oxbow Book News". 'His lucid 'user friendly' expositions of both familiar and less familiar monuments must have made this a stimulating lecture course.' - "Antiquaries Journal". 'Clear exposition of the evidence combined with a wish to make it approachable.' - "Britannia".

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