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The Serpent Grail: The Truth Behind the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life

The Serpent Grail: The Truth Behind the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life - Philip Gardiner, Gary Osborn

The truth has been buried for hundreds of years beneath myth, symbolism, and propaganda?but it finally comes to light in these pages and can no longer be denied. This is the story of an extraordinary journey of discovery that uncovers the existence of a serpent-worshipping cult that thrived throughout the world in ancient times and whose influences have permeated all the major religions. The cult?s central rite involved mixing together snake blood and venom in a ceremonial bowl, forging a powerful healing elixir?and the evidence shows that this ritual holds the key to solving such enigmatic mysteries as the Holy Grail, Elixir of Life, Philosopher?s Stone, and the lost city of Atlantis. It's nothing less than a radical reinterpretation of world history.

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The Cygnus Mystery

The Cygnus Mystery: Unlocking the Ancient Secret of Life's Origins in the Cosmos - Andrew Collins

Paperback, 352 pages, Watkins Publishing, 2nd Revised Edition, 2008

It was a universal belief in ancient civilizations that life came originally from the cosmos and ultimately would return there after death. The shamanic journey was always to this sky-world - and it appears that it was always located in the direction of the stars of Cygnus - also known as the Northern Cross - and was accessed either via the Milky Way or an imagined cosmic axis. Andrew Collins has found that this ancient belief is based on an early astronomy which is about 17,000 years old. All over the world, standing stones, temples and monuments are orientated towards the rising and setting of the stars of the Cygnus constellation or the "entry point" of the Milky Way.

Collins has discovered that the use of deep caves by Palaeolithic man was essential to the rise of religious thought and the belief in life's stellar origins. Science has now confirmed the existence of high-energy particles in the caves - particles that come from a binary star known as Cygnus X3. Therefore it would seem that these ancient people were aware of what science is now telling us - that the DNA of life came originally from deep space.

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Andrew Collins is a historical writer and the author of several ground-breaking books, including From the Ashes of Angels, Gods of Eden, Gateway to Atlantis, and Tutankhamun: The Exodus Conspiracy co-authored with Chris Ogilvie-Herald. He is the organiser of the annual Questing Conference, Britain's largest conference on alternative history.

The Knights of the Holy Grail

The Knights of the Holy Grail: The Secret History of the Knights Templar - Tim Wallace-Murphy

Paperback, 320 pages, Watkins Publishing,2007

Tim Wallace-Murphy explains the heretical spiritual beliefs of the Knights Templar and the Rex Deus families and examines their role in the loss of the Holy Land. He charts their achievements in a remarkable range of endeavours, from building castles and cathedrals to laying the foundations of the modern marketplace. He also uncovers the links between the Rex Deus families and the creation and propagation of the Grail sagas and, later, the foundation of the secret society of Freemasonry.

Interest in this subject has never been greater, but who were the Knights Templar? The order was founded early in the twelfth century to protect pilgrims to the Holy Land by the Rex Deus families, who claimed to trace their bloodline directly from Jesus Christ. The Knights Templar had their own agenda and rose to power despite not conforming to the beliefs of the established Church of the time.

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Wonders of the Ancient World Fun Book

Wonders of the Ancient World Fun Book - British Museum

Paperback, 64 pages, British Museum Press, 2000

As much fun as you can fit into 64 pages! The Fun Book of the Wonders of the Ancient World offers a plethora of puzzles, games, jokes and brain-teasers. There are crosswords, word searches, anagrams, hidden words, picture puzzles, codes to crack - and lots of jokes and cartoons along the way. A fun look at times and places of the past, through puzzles, games and activities for children of 7 years and upwards.

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