Featured Author: PAUL DEVEREUX

Featured Author: PAUL DEVEREUX

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Paul Devereux speaking at the Rollright Stones: Part 2 Misunderstood Sites and the Ancient Mind

pauld.jpg (8610 bytes)IYou mentioned how hazy the whole ley-line subject is and indeed it is, it's a terrible mess. But I do have a book out, a very big book [laughter] that thoroughly correlates all the stuff on all this and brings up to date the very latest thinking and findings on that subject. Because it actually is a valid part of...an element that has come out of the ley hunting is very important with regard to ritual landscapes. sacred landscapes; it links very heavily to ideas of ghost lores and spirit beliefs in the past. And the monuments to the spirit lore, these can still be found in the landscape to this day.

We have tried to correlate that stuff and it's a perfectly valid part of archaeological enquiry. It has got nothing to do with the popular view of leys: energy lines from all directions that you read about. There's a total schizophrenia on the subject and it's largely due...the problem has arisen really from hacks, basically, recycling stuff from 1972. From before, even, the Dragon Project. It just goes round and round and I'm old enough to have seen it come round three or four times. The actual research base, and what is false about that information, never really gets discussed. People want the buzz, they don't want the facts. So there's that element - that's the hazy part of it.

But a line of enquiry has come out of the ley hunting field and was originated by that, that now fits in very well with aspects of cognitive archaeology and so on. It's a perfectly valid and very intriguing area. Ideas like you've talked about, folklore that was first ways through the landscape...we did something similar in Cornwall where you have legends of giants throwing rocks at one another across the landscape. These are actually routes through the landscape, you can actually plot them. There are song lines in merry England, just as there are in aboriginal Australia, and in some cases it is just possible to re-map some of those song lines. And there are death roads and spirit ways and ghost paths, all of which are a complex - it's not been teased out yet - it is a complex of, if you like, a mythological veneer over the physical landscape.

You've got to remember whenever you come to a site like this, to a stone circle or standing stone, it is standing in a different map of that landscape. It may be there physically with it, but the people who built it had a completely different mapping system - cognition - of that landscape. They didn't think of boundaries; they thought of ways through. They actually believed that there were spirits in the air around them, moving. Structures were built to deal with these perceptions. I make no judgement one way or the other about whether they were actually perceiving something or whether we're right to have empty space in our landscape, or whether perhaps all of us are wrong and there's something else. But they did see the world around them in a different way. So these things - we may all be sharing the same space, but we're not sharing the same mind-set and the same perceptions. These are like fragments of broken dreams. You wake up and you remember a bit of a dream, you can't remember it all...that's what prehistoric sites are. They come out of the unconscious, they come out of prehistory - it's the same thing.

Speaker: Paul Devereux
Sound Engineer, Editing & Web Presentation: Andy Burnham
Martin McCarthy
Photography: Terence Meaden, Gerald Ponting

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A major new work to kick off the new millennium. Sumptuously produced, fabulously and richly illustrated, this is the truly up-to- date, cross-referenced work the subject area has needed for a long time. With around 130 entries, some of them major essays in their own right, and 109,000 words, this is the most informed and authoritative book on the subject you can get. It sifts the wheat from the chaff. Topics include: Acoustics, Anasazi, Archaeoastronomy, Archaeology, Ark of the Covenant, Arthur, Astronauts (Ancient), Atlantis, Aztecs, Ballochroy, Bicameral Mind, Blue Stones, Bog Bodies, Borobodur, Bronze Age, Cahokia, Carnac, Casa Grande, Celts, Chaco Canyon, Chartres, Chavin de Huantar, Cognitive Archaeology, Corpse Lights, Correspondences, Cosmic Axis, Crop Circles, Cursus, Cuzco, Death Roads, Delphi, Divination, Dowsing, Dragon, Dragon Project, Dreamtime, Druids, Earth Lights, Easter Island, Effigy Mounds, Eleusis, Energies, Entoptic Patterns, Externsteine, Fairies, Feng Shui, Fly Agaric, Flying saucer, Folklore, Four Directions, Gaia Theory, Gavrinis, Geomancy, Geometry, Goddess, Grail, Hallucinogens, Hill Figures, Henge, Hollow Earth, Hopewell Indians, Hopi, Hovenweep, Ice Man, Iron Age, Jerusalem, Keyhole Tombs, Kivas, Labyrinths, Leys/Leylines, Liminality , Loughcrew, Malta, Maya, Maypole, Mecca, Mu, Mithras, Mythic Geography, Nazca Lines, Neolithic, Newgrange, Ogham, Olmec, Omphalos, Oracles, Paganism, Palaeolithic, Pilgrimage, Planetary Grids, Psychic Archaeology, Pyramids, Quetzalcoatl, Rock Art, Sacred Place, St. Michael Line, Seidhr, Shaman, Shamanic Landscapes, Sibyls, Simulacra, Sitting Out, Songlines, Sphinx, Spirit Traps, Spirit Ways, Stonehenge, Sweeping, Systems Theory, Teotihuacan, Terrestrial Zodiacs, Theosophy, Tiahuanaco, Trance, UFOs, Vampires, Varanasi, Vision Quest, Werewolf, World Navel, Wupatki, Wyrd, Xochipilli, Yew, Yggdrasil, Ziggurat, Zuni.

Large format hardback, 192 pages ( 9 March, 2000) Ward Lock
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Places of Power Cover PicturePlaces of Power - Paul Devereux
A new edition of the only book in the English language, focusing solely on the question of anomalous energies at ancient sacred sites. Not empty New Age speculation and beliefs, but solidly research based, with a gazetteer of British sites where energy effects such as unusual magnetism can be measured. In addition, the subject is given a full context in folklore and modern anecdote, with implications and patterns teased out of the data. The only place where you will find a record of the physical monitoring work of the Dragon Project - the research effort created to look specifically at the question of energy effects at ancient monuments. Extensively illustrated with line drawings and b&w
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