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Become an affiliate and earn 20% on every sale when you link to our home page.
eg: Tom Bullock's Stone Circles CD-ROM:  20% of ex-VAT price = £4 per sale

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The affiliate programme works like a smaller version of The big difference to Amazon is that, subject to some conditions, if you add a link to Tom Bullock's Stone Circles CD-ROM you will receive a free copy once your link is up and running as part of the affiliate scheme.

Anyone is welcome to sign up for the affiliates programme, but the conditions for the free CD-ROM are:

  • The link must be with a graphic + text link on a web page that you can demonstrate has reasonable levels of visitors.
  • The subject matter of your site must be appropriate (my ultimate decisions).

Short (or long) reviews are very welcome of course as well.

We are keen for more real-world retail outlets for Tom's CD-ROM anywhere in the world - contact us for trade prices. We are also looking for more products of all sorts to stock in our shop, so let us know if you have created something amazing...

We have been active on the Internet since 1996, bringing stone circles and other prehistoric sites to life with our web sites. Andy Burnham's hand-picked web listings have been used by tens of thousands of travellers to ancient sites. Now Ruth and Andy bring you their selection of products, some unique to the Stone Circle Shop.

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