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Skara Brae

Settlement, Orkney

The famous stone "dresser"
in one of the huts.

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The alleyways and houses of a 4500 year old village. There is evidence for at least four periods of building at the site.  The inhabitants appear to have eaten a lot of limpets and other shellfish, but burnt grain found on site in 1972-3 suggests the people grew crops as well as fishing and keeping animals. The image on the right gives an idea of how cramped the covered corridors

There is much to say about Skara Brae but I'll leave that for someone else... Visit the Prehistoric Web Index for other sites about Skara Brae.

Access: Situated in Skaill Bay to the west of the Orkney Mainland. Very well signposted. Car Park. In the care of Historic Scotland, with entrance charge payable. Visit off season or early in the morning as it can get over-run with coach parties "doing Orkney". There is a small but interesting museum on site, that I believe has been improved a lot recently.  

Rating: General Impression 4, Ambience 2, Access 5

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