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Stripple Stones

Stone Circle, Cornwall

Photo Tom Bullock

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This is a ruined circle-henge that once consisted of twenty-eight stones in a 44.8m (147-foot) diameter ring. Of the remaining fifteen stones, only four are standing. This is probably due to the fact that they were originally erected in very shallow holes no more than 50cm (1 foot 6 inches) deep, in spite of the fact that they are up to 1.8m (6 feet) in height. The circle stands in the middle of a henge 68.3m (224 feet) in diameter, which has an "entrance" 4.6m (15 feet) wide located at the WSW. Three semi-circular bulges in the henge are apparent at the NNE, E, and WNW portions. Near the centre of the circle is a fallen pillar 3.7m (12 feet) long, originally standing 4.3m(14 feet) SSE from the centre of the ring. It has been suggested that the pillar could have been used as a backsight from which an observer, looking at the edges of the three semi-circular bulges on the henge, would have seen the major northern moonrise at the NNE, the equinoctial sunrise at the E, and the May Day sunset at the WNW.

Access: Just off the A30 on road towards St Breward, not far beyond Jamaica Inn. The Trippett Stones are visible from the road, and the Stripple Stones are 1km further on to the ENE.
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Rating: General Impression 2, Ambience 4, Access 3

Images on this page are Tom Bullock

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