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Craig Phadraig

Vitrified Fort, Inverness

This hill-top Iron Age fort gives views all over the Black Isle. Two vitrified walls enclose an area 75m by 25m. The inner wall stands 1.2m high on the inside.

The fort was built in the fourth century BC, and was also occupied during the dark ages.

The vitrified forts are probably best known thanks to being featured on an edition of "Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World". How the walls were vitrified (or partially melted by heating to a very high temperature) is a mystery. In order to melt granite a temperature of thousands of degrees C is required, and the temperature must be held for a long period, possible ways this could have been done was investigated in the programme.

Access: Craig Phadraig is situated in the suburbs of Inverness, in a Forestry Commission plantation. There is a Car Park and guided walk up the hill through the conifers. 

Rating: General Impression 3, Ambience 2, Access 3

Personal: I found it hard to see any vitrification, as the walls of the fort were very overgrown. 

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