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Multiple Stone Rows, Devon

A long, low shot of
one of the rows
Photo Tom Bullock

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The complex of small stone circles, long rows, standing stones, cists and cairns located in this dramatic site is one of the most interesting in all of Europe. The south-east ring, consisting of thirteen small stones, is 10.4 (34 feet) across, and a row of stones extends south-west for some 90.4m (296 feet) before culminating in a towering 4.3m (14-foot) pillar. Just beyond this pillar is the Giant's Basin, an enormous 21.6m (71-foot) diameter, 3m (10-foot) high damaged cairn. Measurements of distances between the elements at this site reveals ratios between them that suggest intent during construction. The evidence that two of the single rows were in the process of being converted into double rows but abandoned adds further to the mystery of the site.

Access: A 3km drive and walk from Sheepstor.
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Rating: General Impression 5, Ambience 5, Access 3

Images on this page are Tom Bullock

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