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Stonehenge Landscapes


Stonehenge Landscapes -
Journeys through real-and-imagined worlds, by Sally Exon, Vince Gaffney, Ann Woodward, Ron Yorston

"Stonehenge Landscapes" is the largest digital analysis of the archaeological landscape and monuments of Stonehenge ever attempted. The study uses data from more than 1200 monuments. The contents of the Stonehenge barrows are collated for the first time and presented in a series of appendices. The result of this endeavour is a major phenomenological study of the development of the Stonehenge landscape from the Mesolithic to the Early Bronze Age.

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Stonehenge - Neolithic Man and the Cosmos

Stonehenge: Neolithic Man and The Cosmos
John North

This book combines meticulous attention to the latest archaeological surveys with a profound knowledge of the heavens as they were many millennia ago to establish the function of the stones on Salisbury Plain and what we can know of the religion that caused the to be erected.
Publisher: Harper Collins.
Paperback. 609pp. 16cm by 23cm. ISBN 0002558505.

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Stonehenge, A Novel Of 2000 BC

Stonehenge, A Novel Of 2000 BC
Bernard Cornwell


An exciting novel by a famous author who has an extraordinary feel for the past. "A Circle of Chalk, A Ring of Stone And a House of Arches to Call the Far Gods Home"

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Published as a Tribute to Dr Aubrey Burl:

Prehistoric Ritual and Religion 
Alex Gibson (Editor), Derek Simpson (Editor)

Paperback - 242 pages new edition (20 August, 1998)
Sutton Publishing; ISBN: 0750915986

The book concentrates first on monumental remains such as stone circles, passage graves, timber circles, palisaded sites and henge monuments. These structures indicate the richness and emotive power of prehistoric architecture, and they are among the most conspicuous signs of early human society to survive in substantial numbers in the present landscape...

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Ancient Astronomy

  Astronomy before the Telescope
Editor: Christopher Walker

Publisher: British Museum  1999  352 Pages  Illustrations: 20 colour, 120 b&w. 10" x 8". Hardback. ISBN: 0714127337

The achievements of European astronomers from prehistoric times to the Renaissance are linked with those of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, India and the Islamic world. A comprehensive and authoritative survey of world astronomy before the invention of the telescope in AD 1609. The book looks at instruments used, observations made and the effect of developments in mathematics and measurement.

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Fogou by Jo May

Fogou - A journey into the underworld, Jo May

Paperback, 130pp. Gothic Image, 1996.
Beyond the walls of the old house and buried in a tangled mound of short tufted shrubs and undergrowth, is the mouth of a cave or fogou as it is known in Cornish. The entrance, lipped with pillars of granite, nestles between two mossy banks, sucking life into its womb. You feel drawn in.

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Secrets of Sacred Space

Secrets of Sacred Space - Chuck Pettis

Publisher: Llewellyn, 1999 Paperback, 288 pages

Secrets of Sacred Space is an informative guide to understanding and creating sacred places of power for meditation, renewal, and connection with the earth.

Chuck Pettis comprehends the sacred and powerful design principles of ancient sites . He has learned to communicate with the spiritual essence of a site. He will teach you to discover how ley lines, water lines, and power centers define a sacred space.  Chuck Pettis has designed and built sacred places since 1970.

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Earth Mysteries - Paul Devereux

Earth Mysteries - Paul Devereux

Paperback - 151 pages, 11 November, 1999, Piatkus Books

A concise, self contained read, bringing the whole subject area up to date. Of special value to newcomers to the earth mysteries field, but even some old hands will find points of interest in it. The Guide also contains practical exercises in such things as experiencing the spirit of place. (Review from The Ley Hunter)

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Neanderthal - Douglas Palmer

foreword by Chris Stringer

a fascinating and definitive examination of one of the greatest mysteries of evolution. Who were the Neanderthals? How did they live? And why did they die out nearly 30,000 years ago?

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Lost Civilisations of the Stone Age

Lost Civilisations of the Stone Age - Richard Rudgley

Publisher: Arrow, 1999, Paperback
ISBN: 0099223724

Bringing together for the first time disparate evidence from the fields of archaeology, ancient history and anthropology, the author shows the achievements, inventions and discoveries of prehistoric times have all but been edited out of popular accounts of the human story.

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The Pictish Guide

The Pictish Guide
Elizabeth Sutherland, Tony Gray (Photographer)

Paperback - 160 pages (April 1997)
Publisher: Birlinn  ISBN: 1874744661

This guide to the Picts covers all known Pictish stones. It incorporates the latest discoveries, along with a full listing of symbols and their possible meaning, a complete gazetteer, and location maps with ordnance survey grid references. The Picts were a Dark Age warrior race which ruled Scotland for 500 years. They left a legacy of carved stones, still to be found throughout the country in churchyards, museums and private collections. This book lists all known stones - some 630 examples - whether complete or fragmentary, pagan or Christian, and those lost to us now. Descriptions are given of the three classes of stone. Elizabeth Sutherland is the author of "In Search of the Picts"

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Rock around the Peak

Rock Around the Peak - Megalithic Monuments of the Peak District (Derbyshire) by Victoria and Paul Morgan
Published June 2001, 150 pages. Published by Sigma Leisure.

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More Recommended Books:

Hengeworld - Mike Pitts

What sort of people designed and built the megaliths of Southern England? The story of the discovery of a lost civilisation that spanned five centuries.  
20% off, Internet Bookshop

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The Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany - Aubrey Burl
A new edition of Burl's classic work. This beautiful book explores their ancestry, methods of construction, and eventual desertion.  
10% off, Books OnLine (BOL)
20% off, Internet Bookshop
1860466613.gif (13513 bytes) Circles of Stone - Max Milligan, Aubrey Burl
The amazing photography of Max Milligan combined with Burl's scientific survey.
Read my review
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Great Stone Circles - Aubrey Burl
All the best known sites, analysed with Dr Burl's in-depth knowledge. Read my review  
Books OnLine (BOL)
20% off, Internet Bookshop
Click for more The Modern Antiquarian - Julian Cope
Spectacular Tome featuring Julian's ideas and a comprehensive site list  
10% off, Internet Bookshop
ruggless.jpg (3866 bytes) Astronomy in Prehistoric Britain and Ireland - Clive Ruggles
Very readable and in-depth guide to archaeoastronomy in the British Isles Read my review
Click to see more A Guide to the Stone Circles of Britain and Ireland - Aubrey Burl 20%
'an essential and portable guide to all of the major sites in Great Britain and Brittany'  
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Click for more From Carnac to Callanish - Aubrey Burl
The standard work on Prehistoric Stone Rows and Avenues in Britain, Ireland and Brittany  
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