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Abu Simbel Tempel of Ramses II
Abu Simbel Tempel of Ramses II submitted by Thorgrim : The colossal statues of Rameses at his temple of Abu Simbel (Vote or comment on this photo)
If you’ve been hearing a lot about CBD recently, then you’re not alone. The substance has become something of a health trend in recent years. However, this isn’t a new invention, created using modern technology. CBD comes from the hemp plant, which is as old as humanity itself. There’s plenty of evidence that this particular product was consumed during the construction of megalithic structures. From the Romans to the Egyptians, many cultures seem to have been using a variant of CBD in ancient times.

Ancient Egypt, Greece, India, and Rome

Some of the earliest evidence we have of ancient people using CBD comes from Ancient Egypt. In the 1200s BCE, Pharaoh Ramses II was known to advocate that citizens use the hemp plant for medicinal purposes. In fact, Ramses II was such a strong supporter of the plant that it was found buried with him in his tomb. Clearly, the Ancient Egyptians believed that there was a connection between cannabis and the gods.

This isn’t an isolated case, however. Almost every society through history reveals evidence of CBD being regarded highly. The hemp plant arrived in Greece in around 200 BCE and was an instant hit. Used to treat injured soldiers and their horses, the Greeks were quick to figure out the different uses for different parts of the hemp plant. They even put the seeds into alcoholic drinks to act as a pain reliever.

In Rome, hemp was used to treat headaches and other pains throughout the first and second centuries. We know that CBD has much more ancient origins though, with cannabis being used in religious ceremonies in India in 2000 BCE. This shows the spiritual connection that the ancients attributed to this plant and its connection to megalithic wonders. Photo Right: Asclepius; the Roman demigod of medicine and healing to be found on the side of the church at Tockenham, Wiltshire.

Should You Take CBD at Megalithic Sites?

CBD is a harmless substance that is legal in most of the world, but not all of it. Be sure to check the regulations in whichever country you happen to be in. Taking the products can add to the spiritual feelings that arise when meditating near a megalithic site. That’s not because you’ll feel high, but because of the calming effects of CBD.

This particular element of the hemp plant is naturally anxiety-reducing. This can help to focus the mind on the ancient wonder before you and help you to feel a deep spiritual connection to your ancestors. Smoking cannabis at megalithic sites isn’t unheard of but it’s not recommended in a place where doing so is a criminal act.

Taking CBD offers many of the same benefits without the potentially harmful side effects and legal ramifications. It can help you to enter a more mindful state and become present while visiting megalithic stone circles.

If you haven’t tried CBD, then you might feel comforted to know that it’s been used without a problem since the dawn of humanity. Using it yourself connects you with early humans and helps you to form a spiritual connection with them.

To learn more about the effects of CBD oil, follow this link: https://www.cibdol.com/cbd-encyclopedia/cannabis-oil

With many thanks to Thorgrim, Mishkin and Tonnox for their kind help and support of this article, including their lovely photos.

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