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ResourcesCharleston, SC The old city of Charleston has a remarkable historical heritage, and before the pandemic, it was one of the most visited destinations in America. It is uncommon for Charleston residents and its visitors to run out of interesting things to do within the beautiful city. However, the prevailing pandemic has disrupted all conventional forms of socialization.

Many people are actively seeking distractions to ease boredom during the lockdown, but truth be told, you can only do so much within a confined space. We also acknowledge that a considerable number of people are struggling to cope with the stress caused by the recession, lost incomes, piling bills, and the uncertainty of when the economy will normalize.

In recent months, online platforms have been experiencing a surge in traffic as people take advantage of the various opportunities to make money online. For instance, after the legalization of sports betting by the supreme court in 2018, many Americans are thinking outside the box to earn real money in legalized sports betting sites in Canada and America. If you need a distraction from the mind-numbing lockdown, the good news is that there are fun and safe ways to explore Charleston without risking infection.

Virtual Tours of Charleston City

Charleston practically has something for everyone; it all depends on what you’re into. In recent years, Leisure magazine made a bold statement claiming Charleston is the world’s best city. Many have sensationalized it for its southern charm, others are intrigued by its extensive history, while others come to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the art collections. Did you know that the city was a favourite destination for infamous pirates like Blackbeard and that you can visit the precise spot where the first shot in the American Civil War was fired?

The southern city, which was founded in 1670, also has some of the oldest institutions and buildings. It goes without saying that the old city is a haven for curious minds. With the strict Covid-19 regulations, accessing recreational outlets is not as easy as it used to be, but several companies are now offering virtual tours of fascinating Charleston sites. You can now soak in the sights and sounds of Charleston museum, art galleries, the hidden pathways of exquisite gardens, magnolia plantations and parks, virtual tour of South Carolina aquariums, and many other interesting sites.

Book a Private Carriage Tour

carriage tour Charleston is slowly easing containment measures by systematically opening up socialization spots on condition that residents follow safety regulations such as social distancing, wearing protective gear, undergoing temperature screening, and constantly sanitizing. If you seek the perfect outdoor recreation activity to enjoy with your loved ones in the current environment, we recommend a private carriage tour. The historic sites in Charleston have a different feel when experienced in a carriage.

You get a facilitated tour of the holy city, touring the amazing water views, the old battlefields, the popular Rainbow Row, and many other attractions. A private tour isolates your family from strangers, keeping you safe from the virus. This is an excellent trip for kids as it brings history to life. The narrator is always informative and entertaining to little ones.

Jog or Cycle to different Attractions in Charleston

Wellness experts advise that physical exercise during quarantine is essential to keep your body and mind invigorated. If you feel like you have sunk into a rut, shake things up with a quick jog or a bike ride around town. Charleston is perfect for individual adventures as it Neighbors a couple of island communities that are linked by beautiful bridges constructed over the Cooper and Ashley River. The white sand beaches, well-maintained parks, and gardens, the Isle of Palms, the long Ravenel Bridge, the Morris Island lighthouse, historic buildings, etc. make the city ideal for early morning jogs or late evening bike rides.

Make sure to bring your camera if you are a sucker for scenic beauty. It is easy to form a habit of these healthy recreational activities, considering how relaxing Charleston's outdoor environment can be. Working up a sweat in this unsettling times is good for your thought process and emotional health as it helps keep your faculties sharp.

Enjoy Fishing, Kayaking, or Boating in Charleston

You can unwind by going on a fishing expedition to reconnect with nature in the calm waters as you cast a fishing rod in South Carolina waters. This is a relaxing activity that will take the quarantine edge off. Other exciting activities include kayaking or going on a boat adventure. Charleston is not only blessed with natural beauty but also diverse wildlife. Go bird watching on the weekend, collect shells on the beach, and enjoy the company of playful dolphins and turtles whenever you want. The Covid-19 safety regulations also apply in these activities.

If you seek a different kind of thrill, you can browse for alternative activities in Charleston. The list of fun activities to indulge in during the pandemic in the beautiful city is quite extensive.

With many thanks to James Willamor and Liz West for their kind help and support of this article, including Creative Commons photos.

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