I'm 32, live in Ewell, Surrey - in the suburbs of London. I'm married to Ruth.

The picture was taken in 1997 at Ravenscar, in North Yorkshire. On my back is my daughter, Chloe, now aged four We also have a very noisy boy named Rowan who is 18 months.

My main interests (apart from ancient things obviously) are:


Favourite Radio stations / programmes:

Radio Caroline (on occasionally on in London, Bristol and elsewhere)

Mixing It (BBC Radio 3), Radio 1 Mark Radcliffe, John Peel .

I also enjoy tracking down and listening to RSL stations (stations licensed for one month for amateurs) - GCR and Caroline both use RSLs. Some others are really naff and just hilarious.


I'm into Hawkwind, Portishead, Jimi Hendrix, Future Sound of London, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Inspiral Carpets, Charlatans, Runrig, Public Enemy, obscure ambient/dance/hippy music.


A couple of years ago I did regular programmes forGuildford Campus Radiowhich is Surrey University's student station. When I was a student I was heavily involved with running the radio station LCR at Loughborough to the detriment of my course which took 5 years not 3...but I learnt lots in the meantime!

I was a DJ on Radio Caroline (from the North Sea) in 1989, before they were raided by the British & Dutch authorities and taken off the air - yes really I was.

I have also worked on Radio HMV in Oxford Street, London (Really greatch). Rest assured that I'm not an ego DJ, being very much music led, and I don't talk incessantly between every record.

Something that caught the imagination of the short-wave radio listening (SWL) community a few years back was Radiofax. I edited a speech programme called Sparks featuring Science, Technology & Media news with Trevor Brook. He'd still like to run an independent (ie non-governmental) SW radio station from the UK or Ireland, but no-one will give him a licence (yet...).


(as you can't miss in most of the rest of this web site) Here are some links.

Landscape Photography

Other Likes:

My wife Ruth, Spicy Food, Real Ale, Pirate Radio (SW and FM), Building transmitters and audio equipment, Editing sounds on a PC with the excellent Cool Edit, the word "Cheesy".


DJs who say "AVeryGoodMorningToYouItsGreatchToHaveYourCompany" in one breath, "Greatch to be with you" or anything else insincere. Simply Red, Dire Straits, the Coors, the word "Cool" (what a cheesy word).

I'd love to hear from any Radiofax listeners, or anyone with similar interests.


I now work for RACAL, previously I worked for Reuters for 7 years designing telecoms systems that traders use in City Dealing Rooms around the world. I have also worked for VTech designing electronics for cordless telephones.

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Chloe's favourite programme is: (surprise surprise!) so these are for her: