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Neolithic and Bronze AgeSite Name: Harford Moor Encircled Cairn Alternative Name: Grinsell Harford 26; Turner F3
Country: England County: Devon Type: Stone Circle
Nearest Town: Ivybridge  Nearest Village: Harford
Map Ref: SX6449459677  Landranger Map Number: 202
Latitude: 50.421279N  Longitude: 3.908855W
4Almost Perfect
3Reasonable but with some damage
2Ruined but still recognisable as an ancient site
1Pretty much destroyed, possibly visible as crop marks
0No data.
-1Completely destroyed
1 Ambience:
2Not Good
0No data.
no data Access:
5Can be driven to, probably with disabled access
4Short walk on a footpath
3Requiring a bit more of a walk
2A long walk
1In the middle of nowhere, a nightmare to find
0No data.
no data Accuracy:
5co-ordinates taken by GPS or official recorded co-ordinates
4co-ordinates scaled from a detailed map
3co-ordinates scaled from a bad map
2co-ordinates of the nearest village
1co-ordinates of the nearest town
0no data

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Harford Moor Encircled Cairn
Harford Moor Encircled Cairn submitted by davep : The Harford Gate Encircled Cairn from the Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks (PDW) website. Site 203. Photograph taken 20th April 2019. (Vote or comment on this photo)
Cairn in Devon

Update October 2019: This cairn is featured on the Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks (PDW) website - see their entries for the Harford Gate Encircled Cairn and the The Neolithic tombs of Cuckoo Ball & Corringdon Ball.

The cairn is also recorded as Pastscape Monument No. 441303 and as MDV42776 (Cairn north-east of Harford Moor Gate) on the Devon and Dartmoor HER. The site is also scheduled as part of Historic England List Entry No. 1012442 (One of two cairns north-east of Harford Moor Gate).
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Nearby Images from Geograph Britain and Ireland:
SX6459 : Approaching Harford Moor Gate by Derek Harper
by Derek Harper
SX6459 : The car park at Harford gate - Dartmoor by Richard Knights
by Richard Knights
SX6459 : Harford: view towards Burford Down by Martin Bodman
by Martin Bodman
SX6459 : Track meeting car park, Harford Moor by Ruth Sharville
by Ruth Sharville
SX6459 : Car park, Harford Moor Gate by Derek Harper
by Derek Harper

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 367m S 186° Harford settlement* Ancient Village or Settlement (SX6444559313)
 474m SSE 150° Butter Brook* Standing Stone (Menhir) (SX64725926)
 579m N 3° Lower Piles* Ring Cairn (SX6453660255)
 617m ENE 77° Harford S.* Multiple Stone Rows / Avenue (SX651598)
 644m ENE 68° Harford Moor N* Stone Row / Alignment (SX651599)
 738m ENE 71° Butterbrook* Stone Row / Alignment (SX652599)
 812m N 350° Lower Piles Enclosed Settlement Ancient Village or Settlement (SX64376048)
 863m WNW 302° Burford Down (Tristis Rock)* Cairn (SX63776015)
 933m WNW 300° Burford Down Cairn Circle* Stone Circle (SX6370060170)
 936m WNW 300° Burford Down Stone Row* Stone Row / Alignment (SX63696016)
 1.0km SE 138° Weatherdon Hill (Devon) Ring Cairn (SX65165889)
 1.2km ENE 61° Butterdon Hill Row* Stone Row / Alignment (SX6553960225)
 1.2km ESE 102° Butterdon Hill Barrow* Round Barrow(s) (SX6566059403)
 1.3km SE 132° Weatherdon Hill Cairns* Barrow Cemetery (SX65405881)
 1.3km NW 321° Burford Down Standing Stone* Standing Stone (Menhir) (SX6370360687)
 1.3km NE 50° Hobajons Cross* Standing Stone (Menhir) (SX65516047)
 1.3km E 83° Spurrells Cross Cairn Circle* Stone Circle (SX658598)
 1.3km ESE 103° Butterdon Hill Cist* Cist (SX6578159341)
 1.4km E 79° Spurrells Cross Row* Multiple Stone Rows / Avenue (SX6583759896)
 1.4km E 81° Spurrell's Cross Row Terminal Cairn Cairn (SX6585859864)
 1.4km NE 40° The Longstone (Piles Hill)* Standing Stone (Menhir) (SX65436074)
 1.4km SE 126° Butterdon Stone Circle* Stone Circle (SX6562958814)
 1.4km SE 128° Butterdon Hill Cairns* Cairn (SX6560158766)
 1.4km ENE 58° Glasscombe Ball North (South Cairn)* Cairn (SX65736041)
 1.4km ENE 77° Spurrell's Cross* Ancient Cross (SX65915997)
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Prehistoric Settlements


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